Will BLACKPINK really be remembered as a historical girl group in the future?

It’s really my first time seeing female idols on stage like this

1. First of all, they’re a girl group that’s unprecedented in Korea

2. They are already legends

3. They are living legends

4. They made history

5. Legendary ㅜ…. BLACKPINK is so cool!!!!!!

6. Of course!!!

7. They are already legendary… I can’t take my eyes off BLACKPINK’s stage

8. Of course they are legends…

9. Even now… They’re writing history

10. Girl group history has been rewritten by BLACKPINK

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yes, they will always be remembered like that, and I know you guys don’t like that fact.after almost seven years of their debut, they always gained popularity, love, and support what could change it after seven years? nothing, even disgusting people with never-ending hate.


in korea maybe, as musicians no


what? they’re popular yes but their music is not revolutionary for them to be remembered as some greatest musicians in history be fr ☠️

Slvthyung likes being passed around by wooga

They’ll be known as legends of kpop🤩

Blackpink the youtube slaves

They= BTS


Snsd, then now it’s BP


Only grandma knows whatever their names are




Teenaged puppy

Only in Asia



Teenaged puppy

Saying all these butthurt lies in defense of girlies that have not one single talent between the four of them. Be embarrassed

Blackpink the youtube slaves

They will be remembered as the ones that made kpop relevant. You can thanks them because your girlies would never have been at Coachella without them and kpop albums would never have been sold at US shop without Armys. Your lazy girls never hold a pen while BTS write all their songs.


And all those songs are all about them being a slave of capitalism, slave of youtube, slave of money and slave of satan.

dot com bubble

Tbh, they didn’t change or open much of anything for K-pop unlike SNSD/2NE1/Kara. They just followed the path already paved for them in Korea by ggs like them and in the US, by BTS. In Japan, they don’t have much presence, TWICE is still no. 1 there and aespa just sold out a huge stadium there cmiiw. Their achievements will be replicated soon by 4th gen ggs. Except maybe for YouTube streams since they have streaming farms for that.


BigBang couldn’t even pave the way for their own, let alone for BTS’ global impact lmao sit this one down


SLAVE SUGA literally said to Taeyang that Bigbang paved the way for them. Don’t make your boy a liar just because you can’t stand the truth


the bts validation goes crazy 😭 acting as if the tannies wouldn’t straight up tell a rock it paved the way cause that’s who they are lmao, HUMBLE people who respect their elders and don’t boast about their impact and success

name the groups that made it onto the western markets following bigbang’s aparent steps. quickly now. NONE, exactly. used to be as dry as the sahara desert.
while on the other side the whole kpop industry started promoting worldwide because of bts and their impact.

yall are truly the biggest hypocrites. exactly why your faves will remain unknown outside of your lil bubble 🥱

Jimid Dick is smaller than bang pd

shut up hahahaha they are first kpop to headline coachella the biggest festival in the world and the most subscribed musician in biggest music application platform youtube


Sure they will bc they are cute but luxuours, models/singers.


Spill bestie

Blackpink the youtube slaves

Stop deleting comments that insult blackpink

are they really?

They are an amazing gg if you only look at youtube viewership or charting (some might put an asterisk there for payrola and gaming youtube views).

In terms of albums, touring, and awards the numbers are still lead by twice for gg and bts for bg (although touring number might change).

Talentwise they don’t have anything distinctive that would separates them from the pack. In 3rd gen mamamoo would probably take the crown as the most talented group.

As artist their image was lifted from 2ne1, yg have stated this multiple times.
After 7 years in their career they haven’t deviated from the initial image or compose anything of significance for their albums. Singing, dancing, and visuals have been on the same spectrum with nothing new.

For the intangibles they were never really recognized as the ngg, twice took that crown. Twice have also restarted the hallyu wave for japan and bts took it to the west. Blackpink rode the coattails on both waves and were financially successful.

The group sits in an unique position of recognition but carries none of the trail blazing accolades sadly.

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