Winter attended the Polo event today

Winter attended the Polo event today

1. She looks like a hot girl from an old Hollywood movie

2. For a moment I thought it was Karina

3. She has no eyebrows

4. She looks like a barbie doll

5. The makeup doesn’t suit her ㅜ

6. I feel like she looks like a classic American hot girl

7. I thought it was GFriend Eunha

8. I thought it was Taeyeon

9. She looks so much like Jeon Soyeon

10. This style reminds me of Hyuna

11. Is this American makeup style..??

12. Winter is so pretty… but her makeup doesn’t suit her

13. I thought it was Eunha when I saw the first photo

14. I wanted to tease her for not having eyebrows

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