Would Kazuha be more popular if she was Korean?

1. Of course, no matter how handsome and pretty the members are, Koreans still prefer Korean members over foreign members

2. If she was a Korean member, I think she would get a lot of acting offers, but it’s a pity that she’s Japanese

3. I love Kazuha, her visuals are totally my taste

4. Firstly, the name Kazuha suits her so well, and I personally think she is more attractive because she gives off different vibes compared to the Japanese celebrities currently active in Korea

5. She will be more popular because she can express her feelings better without the language barrier

6. But the way she talks now is so cute

7. Personally, I prefer Kazuha because she’s Japanese

8. I’m not sure about her popularity but she will get a lot of acting offers

9. The truth is that the Korean members are more popular in Korea than the foreign members

10. Kazuha’s name is perfect so Japan suits her better

11. She’ll be more popular through CFs or acting

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