Would Kazuha be more popular if she was Korean?

1. Of course, no matter how handsome and pretty the members are, Koreans still prefer Korean members over foreign members

2. If she was a Korean member, I think she would get a lot of acting offers, but it’s a pity that she’s Japanese

3. I love Kazuha, her visuals are totally my taste

4. Firstly, the name Kazuha suits her so well, and I personally think she is more attractive because she gives off different vibes compared to the Japanese celebrities currently active in Korea

5. She will be more popular because she can express her feelings better without the language barrier

6. But the way she talks now is so cute

7. Personally, I prefer Kazuha because she’s Japanese

8. I’m not sure about her popularity but she will get a lot of acting offers

9. The truth is that the Korean members are more popular in Korea than the foreign members

10. Kazuha’s name is perfect so Japan suits her better

11. She’ll be more popular through CFs or acting

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Its a shame shes Japanese
But she still get lots of solo cf


there’s nothing shameful about someone’s race


Look at these racist people . Your parents brought you up so bad


Korean never fail to amaze me about how racist and xenophobic they are


they hate japanese/ other asian people. but they will kiss white people feets


and you just said some racist things yourself


popular for what? all she’s known for is for looking like a wallmart version of suzy

she can’t sing. her dancing looks weird because she’s not used to idol choreographies. her personality’s boring.

pepsi plunge

i thought she’s korean? isn’t her name Kang Jooha??


no tf


Kazuha is easily one of the most loveable idols. Yes she’s Japanese but she’s pretty much become Kang Jooha now. She’s a 10/10 beauty but her personality is an 11.


He company compares her to Suzy.her old version doesn’ t look like to Suzy. They’ll probably try to promote her as the 3rd Suzy

Last edited 4 months ago by Chery
spicy spice

you definitely will always found idols who being promoted as suzy look alikes literally in every generations.

suzy is living her “role model” life.


Definitely. But I’m still amazed. They don’t promote any idols as just another version of Yoona. They probably don’t dare.


yoona is so ugly that’s why


HD bkxif ki dbe bu fn ugly? Hey dude I guess you are new to kpop . Go and find out who Yoona is if you have time


but she is famous!!!!!! lol

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