Wow BLACKPINK only wore b*a at their concert

Wow BLACKPINK only wore bra at their concert

I was so shocked

1. I’m so jealous of her because she doesn’t have acne on her back

2. She took off her coat because it was too hot?

3. Is it a bikini?

4. It’s probably because it’s BLACKPINK but it looks like a performance outfit

5. I’m so jealous of her broad shoulders

6. Is this a bra? Hyuna wore something like that too but I don’t think it’s a bra

7. Bra or bikini… something like that? Honestly, I don’t think there’s much of a difference

8. But.. why can’t she dress like that..? Shouldn’t people wear what they want to wear in their lives?

9. Well, I have nothing to say because the fans love it too

10. So what…? It doesn’t even look like a bra

11. Wow I was so surprised…….

12. After all, life is tiring when you do well

13. Wow, it’s really hard to be an idol in Korea ^^

14. Because she’s a celebrity…

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