Wow these are the average faces of the three big agencies

Who do you think of when you see this?

1. Sunny, Max Changmin; Nayeon, Ok Taeyeon; CL, Daesung

2. For SM, it’s Yoona and Max Changmin

3. Sunny – Max Changmin; Sunmi – Im Seulong; Park Bom – Taeyang

4. For SM, it’s Sunny and Max Changmin

5. Looks like they just combined the faces of 2nd generation idols

6. Sunny Changmin; Suzy Wooyoung; CL Taeyang

7. Am I the only one seeing Sandara Park in SM?

8. Sunny Changmin; Sunmi Wooyoung; CL Taeyang

9. Why do I see Lee Sang Yoon in JYP?

10. Sunny – Yunho / Changmin; Yeeun – Wooyoung / Junho; Park Bom -Taeyang

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