Wow TWICE is really popular in Japan

Wow TWICE is really popular in Japan

It’s the picture from their fan meeting in Japan today

They even have 5 shows

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1. [+24, -7] TWICE’s popularity is overwhelming in Japan

2. [+16, -32] Of course, because there are Japanese among the membersã…‹

3. [+15, -6] TWICE still ranked #1 on Japanese charts when they released their song, and all their songs line up on the charts. They are still so popular in Japan

4. [+9, -2] Isn’t TWICE the most popular idol girl group in Japan?

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Japanese media literally called twice their national girl group. It shouldn’t amaze them atp. No other gg is touching them in Japan in LITERALLY anything. Having japanese members have nothing to do with how twice is popular. Nayeon solo topped their charts. Does she seem japanese to you? Twice fanbase in Japan is very huge and it’s only because of twice and twice only.


Lmao lame.. they have original released in japan and promoted like crazy there, ofc they gonna hit big? no?


Because they have demand there mf. Youre the lamest lame i have ever seen. Such an anti. If they have no demand there, Even if they promoted like crazy, no one will give 2 fvcks. Shut up and agree that youre an twice anti. I will slap with slippers if i see you irl. Just escape from me


And why they have demand there? Because they promoted and released japan songs dvmb btch. Go to school


Mf cant even realize something. Mf bitch, If they have no demand there, if the gp doesnt like them, how will they have the demand ther. seems like a blink. So its waste of time explaining you. Go take a shower. If JYP know they have no demand why would they spend money and release song there. Its simple logic. Do you have poop in the place of brain?

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