Wow, V and Jennie sit closer together than I thought

Wow, V and Jennie sit closer together than I thought..ㅋㅋ

They couldn’t help but go there because they were invited, but…

1. That’s because they were invitedㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Right after the concert ended, all the members left and got into the car to go home

2. When you receive an invitation to a concert by a singer you want to go to, do you think about this or that and add meaning to it…? Why are you so sensitive?

3. It’s obvious that the fans don’t care

4. Didn’t the BTS members go together?

5. Jennie went there with Rosé, as if they were just sitting like that

6. They didn’t admit that they were dating, right?

7. As if they can’t even look aside for no reason, they’re afraid they’ll be taken with weird pictures

8. This is inevitable because they are invited

9. Daebak, but they really don’t care about their dating rumors

10. So what? They went with their members

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Ladyboy lisa

Blink trying so hard 🤣


Armshit denying things because their delulu minds thinking oppa is theirs LMAO


Blink like Guest hate BTS to the core, but desperately want BTS member date their girls 😂😂😂


To make you cry


Yall are truly desperate for that BTS and army validation 😭 Rest, a beg


trust me army dgaf 😂




Twink blinks living out their fantasies through Hagnnie


there are other members too if OP is blind. not everything is about that seoul cycle. stop connecting her with bts members


If they’re dating and truly watch this concert together, I find it romantic yet funny cz army can only write rude comments and bite their nails at home


What together? Bitch if my bf/gf is attending the same concert why would I sit sections away from him/her? You dumb they behave as if they aren’t there, tae left early with other bts members and hyunshik like they both don’t give two fucks

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lol as if the comment section isn’t proof why a relationship between idols can’t be normalized

if this is the reaction when theyre seating rows apart, what more if they sit together

Last edited 2 months ago by guest

b!tch where? army dgaf about this dating thing but blinks are the ones barking here


trying this hard reminds me of those cringey youtube videos where they use anything to link idols together lmaooo


Lol I just remember the arrows 🤣


Blonk are desperate lol


hybe already denied the rumors, MOVE ON! shippers are literally so annoying and ruin everything!


Do you have the link of hybe denying rumors? There is none, they didn’t deny it.


Their legal statements clearly explained it all, read it carefully with your eyes and process it with your brain, if you have any


Their legal statements never denied any dating rumours. I think you need eyes to read that carefully now.


Please learn how to read then


They never denied the rumours. Just sued the person who was indeed leaking taennie personal moments on media.


They called it defamation lol


When? Where? How?


YG denied it too, and yet blonks still refuse to admit they’re not dating. Stupidest fandom.


Seriously even these unhinged ppl are talking with sense bro taennie shippers have entered that dangerous delulu catagory


The only one delulus are Armys and Blinks who thinks they are not dating.


The delulu one is blonk wont admit jenfad dating GD


The oppa you fantasize aka V, fucks jennie and all you can do is cry about it. Your denial and bashing won’t stop them from dating.

Last edited 2 months ago by Boohoo

Armys stop the delusion. Atp V has to announce this relationship himself for make you understand that he is indeed dating her.
He just wants to date the women matching his standards. What’s wrong with that. Do you really thought he was gae. He don’t even support lgbt+ community. Plus there are many evidences in which he showed lack of compassion towards women.
Jennie is literally doing him a favour to even date. She will probably soon dump his ass. So just let it happen how it’s going. He was a fool to even acknowledge that follow in first place. He bought it upon himself. Jennie wasn’t the flustered one going on weverse writing how scary that app is. He was probably checking out his gf with that. And the pic of car was real. There was no where in hell it was photoshopped or fake. Hybe or YG didn’t cancel out their dating news. Just sued the person for leaking her private stuffs. The private stuffs in which Taehyung was here.
So just accept his gf already. Are you gonna make your oppa sad now by not abiding by his rules of who he is to date.


You wish lol

Teenage puppy

The delusions got worse with every line. I had to tap out at Jennie doing HIM a favor. Ctfu


look at this essay 😂 you are the delulu one here


Anyways. Hope the tannies had a good time at the concert 🥰

Color color stan

Color color stans were all in denial when gd and seoul cycle rumor dropped but when those poorly edited pics came out suddenly they’re “just accept it and be happy for them?” Lol first time the girlie got connected to someone relevant and they’re all desperate for his validation and when taehyung basically ignored seoul cycle rhey suddenly hated him for not acknowledging her at all 😂


V isn’t a gay, he loves women and dates women. Armys should accept it and move on !

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