“YG definitely has the best training system” Baby Monster once again shocked everyone with their skills

Today Baby Monster tore my cochlea apart with just one verse

Rami sings a verse of Batter Up!!!

Asa raps live without accompaniment!!!

Please check out their ‘It’s Live’ released today

1. Their skills are amazing. I think they would have been even more popular if they performed live during the encore

2. Maybe because they are from YG, their skills are so good, especially when rapping

3. I’m surprised that they are all so good

4. YG is YG, their skills are good

5. I only know Ahyeon, but it seems like all the members are treasures..

6. They are really good. They are really pretty. If YG gives them a good song, I think they will be successful immediately

7. They all did well, I want to see them perform live

8. Are you sure Asa is Japanese? She doesn’t have any special nasal sounds

9. All you need to do is sing well. Their skills are so good. I especially like these members

10. I definitely trust YG’s skills

11. YG definitely has the best training system

12. Asa is Japanese but why is her pronunciation so good?

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