YG doing payola for BLACKPINK once again

YG Entertainment doing payola has always been a topic of conversation in K-POP, from the way they are tirelessly using ads for their groups, to the way their groups are known for having exaggerated versions of the same album.

However, talks about their payola have spiked up in the last few years when people started noticing the unusual closeness YG Entertainment and their group, BLACKPINK, have with Spotify’s Head of Music, Jeremy Erlich. From numerous Spotify deals to the casual hangouts the group and Erlich enjoy, and even to romance allegations between the two sides.

As BLACKPINK’s Jisoo solo debut was nearing, talks about the two sides once again started when the Spotify Head of Music was suddenly seen visiting Korea, enjoying a “casual spa Sunday” with Joojong “JJ” Joe, CEO of YG USA.

Soon after the release of Jisoo’s solo album “ME” people started realizing how fast the 2 singles on the album started being included in numerous popular playlists along with getting recommended and pushed onto everyone’s playlist despite people having not listened to the artist or the group prior to this.

Surprisingly, despite enjoying the industry push, Jisoo’s singles are in a continuous decrease.

The newly created TikTok challenge for Flower has left people dumbfounded as well when they realized most of the videos participating in the challenge are sponsored posts.

Fans reached the conclusion that YG Entertainment might want to recreate the success BLACKPINK Lisa’s single ‘Money’ enjoyed after blowing up on TikTok.

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Tiktok started to add “Partnership” signs automatically when you add links on your video bc of the “lashgate”

CeCyane '💜Ready for 🏖️ 🏟💜'

it’s only fair to the naive consumers eyes. Because tiktok themselves already admit that they make fake trend for taylor swift new song so that that song come across as a hit since it was released.
if it is paid promoted, it is should stated as that, or else all of the hype is FAKE.
This is what we would call mediaplay, when you make the public perceive the song as bigger than it is because influencers get paid left and right to promote it, and they count it to chart.
Youtube ads views counted to chart on music shows is another case in point of FAKE SUCCESS.

Ladyboy lisa

Damn a group session with these 4 🤤🤤🤤, so lucky 😭😭😭


Salty user post, gotta be from armshit


It’s not the girls fault they’re pushed by payola to fat twinks. Leave them alone


He was never in it, twink. Slutpink are the only one gargling balls for deals because their twink fandom can’t get them any good US chart positions.


Bp got actual 27 versions that billboard confirmed yet couldnt sell more than jinin, you couldnt even get shit down #1 us what makes you think that bp wouldnt release remixes if they thought people would buy it???

And please jinin isnt the one who went to TARGET TO BE BEGGARS thats bp


Jimin had 2 versions of one song and 2 remixes and 1 instrumental, stupid. Stop spreading lies.

Last edited 8 months ago by vaka

The things is this –

Because BTS has a cult, they can essentially inflate their numbers by 5 times because the cultists will purchase and stream each version. Other artists don’t have this.

Thus, BTS numbers are artificially inflated.

CeCyane '💜Ready for 🏖️ 🏟💜'

from a harvard graduate music critics and author @cantorpedia :

I’ll never, ever understand how the idea of connecting with fans – and making them care about you and your music – became a bad thing. I was always under the impression it was an important goal (and dream).

Once again: if anyone could do it, everyone would do it. And if everyone can’t do it, no one should discredit it.

The takeaway you should have from this week is that artists are still capable of building true fan connections. And that the truest of those fan connections can yield a #1 hit even when you don’t receive maximum radio or digital playlist support. Things we should celebrate.

CeCyane '💜Ready for 🏖️ 🏟💜'

BTS get real demand in term of active fans who enjoy and tune in for the musics.
that’s organic.
What artificial is paid radio payola by the labels (that will be tabbed as debt to the artists) and paid playlisting (which YG is known to do to your fav) as proven above.
Your fav tried it with 27 versions of bornpink, but no takers.
That’s on you as fandom. not on BTS or ARMY.

Hi, I'm Guest

Latwink got mad bcs BTS got demand while their flop nugu that no one care to talk about isn’t no where near BTS level🤣 latwink os mad MAD 🤭

CeCyane '💜Ready for 🏖️ 🏟💜'

even if midpink make 29 versions of one song, will there any buyer at all thou ?
and fyi, jimin only got like 4 version and 1 instrumentals. Something that all the western artists are known to be doing, including the one at the top right now.


Casual, mainstream fans don’t buy songs and albums. Kpop boy groups have ALWAYS had more dedicate fans while girl groups have always been more mainstream.

Blackpink is mainstream popular.

BTS has a cult. Narrow but dedicated.

CeCyane '💜Ready for 🏖️ 🏟💜'

blackpink is mediaplayed to the hill, got the back up of spotify paid playlisting. That’s why they perceived as big. and that payola and mediaplay give them leverage to compete againt BTS
If BP is really mainstream as you said they are, why only BTS the one group that can sell stadiums tours all over the world (with capacity 45K to 80K) and 4 days concecutively. They already did it in 2019, and they did it in 2020 ( the tours already sold out announced by wimbley, rose gold, etc) before the pandemic happen.
They have the bigger pull in the world right now regarding tours and the one that hold the record for the biggest online concert attendance (1,33 MILLION PAID VIEWERS).
so nope, their reach are more mainstream than BP.

Hi, I'm Guest

“midpink is mainstream popular”
For a second I read it as “midpink is mainstream payola” 🤣🙈🙈

CeCyane '💜Ready for 🏖️ 🏟💜'

ratmys are taking care of them all right. hence he is the first asian solo artists that got BB HOT100 no.1 after a whole 63 years (the first one was japanese artist). that was almost a century ag dvmb twink



  • Can’t sing without autotune.
  • Weighs less than his female fans.
  • Wears more makeup than his female fans.
  • Has less bodyhair than his female fans.

Jimin’s success is further evidence of the obesity crisis in this world. Women who are in good shape don’t fuck with Jimin and BTS.

CeCyane '💜Ready for 🏖️ 🏟💜'

not even you believe your own word twink.

Hi, I'm Guest

The way you try to convince yourself typing all that w/o getting salty & butthurt is so satisfying. Keep trying, Latwink 😊


why would someone like Rosé would sleep with him just for streams? have you guys listened to yourself?

First of all Jeremy Erlich doesn’t hold an important position in spotify lol his role is to conduct global research and develop projects for international musicians, is not even part of the management or BODs

and second of all the guy is gay lol

the mysogeny and slutshaming that come from that fandom Jeremy hangs out with artists are you gonna slutshame Somi too?



Ladyboy lisa

Don’t know..ask her

John Xina

This thread only proves he is in charge of the projects and promotional ops for artists.

He’s the reason they have 4 month free offers, that infamous week where you could listen to Born Pink completely free and the enormous amounts of playlisting.

And I’m sorry to ignore him sharing the same hotel room as one of the members? Come on now.

CeCyane '💜Ready for 🏖️ 🏟💜'



Seoul cycles busy riding those guys

Jennie can't sing bc GD's cock is in her mouth

Seoul cycle mouth must hurt


It’s true that Jisoo’s songs was underservingly added to plenty of playlists but aren’t you tired of writing this type of posts. Like let them be, it’s just business.

John Xina

They like them because the CEO was caught coming out of the same hotel room as Chinsé


Only lisa is relevant in that group. Her hit is organic and her success is definitely hardwork. Dozen is a dozen so yg had to push her soo much


Scooter Braun (US HYBE CEO) is close with Jeremy. Therefore. Pigmin benefited from Spotify Payola, that’s why his streams were merged, so he can reach number 1 on Global Spotify. Pigmin’s vocals got worst cause he kept sucking Bang PD’s dick. Constant deep throating made his vocals worst.

CeCyane '💜Ready for 🏖️ 🏟💜'

if he get spotify payola, than why he don’t get on any playlist for the first week at all (except for NMF) ? while the midpink get it, not to mention that 4 months that allow all their stream counted as premium. I don’t see it with jimin get that treatment.
entire western artists still get their stream merged, and jimin got separate after 1 day. that what I would call sabotage.

Also the only one that has evidents getting into hotels, dating around the town and become plus one here is chinse, you are projecting it onto jimin doesn’t mean it’s true.

You just sound dumb, just like the other twinkpink


I bet da amount they spent w jeremy oppar was more than da amount they went to music related events. Ofc, not more than their main priority, da fashion show events

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