YG doing payola for BLACKPINK once again

YG Entertainment doing payola has always been a topic of conversation in K-POP, from the way they are tirelessly using ads for their groups, to the way their groups are known for having exaggerated versions of the same album.

However, talks about their payola have spiked up in the last few years when people started noticing the unusual closeness YG Entertainment and their group, BLACKPINK, have with Spotify’s Head of Music, Jeremy Erlich. From numerous Spotify deals to the casual hangouts the group and Erlich enjoy, and even to romance allegations between the two sides.

As BLACKPINK’s Jisoo solo debut was nearing, talks about the two sides once again started when the Spotify Head of Music was suddenly seen visiting Korea, enjoying a “casual spa Sunday” with Joojong “JJ” Joe, CEO of YG USA.

Soon after the release of Jisoo’s solo album “ME” people started realizing how fast the 2 singles on the album started being included in numerous popular playlists along with getting recommended and pushed onto everyone’s playlist despite people having not listened to the artist or the group prior to this.

Surprisingly, despite enjoying the industry push, Jisoo’s singles are in a continuous decrease.

The newly created TikTok challenge for Flower has left people dumbfounded as well when they realized most of the videos participating in the challenge are sponsored posts.

Fans reached the conclusion that YG Entertainment might want to recreate the success BLACKPINK Lisa’s single ‘Money’ enjoyed after blowing up on TikTok.

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