“YG idols definitely have good skills” ‘Knowing Bros’ Baby Monster Ahyeon ‘dangerously’ + Rami ‘dinosaur’ live

‘Knowing Bros’ Baby Monster Ahyeon ‘dangerously’ + Rami ‘dinosaur’ liveㄷㄷ

They are friends of the same age born in 2007


1. I really like talented idols

2. Ahyeon’s live is crazy

3. There’s really nothing to criticize about YG’s skills

4. Where does YG find these kids?

5. Wow, they’re so good.. The rap members are also so talented

6. But they’re really good… I like idols with good skills

7. The future of the music industry is bright. I really like idols who are good at performing live

8. YG idols definitely have good skills

9. Oh my god, I got goosebumps

10. They gave me goosebumps, they are so good

11. They will definitely become popular one day. Even now, it seems like they are gaining more fan

12. The skills of YG idols are definitely crazy

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