YG officially confirmed that Rosé and Kang Dong Won are not dating

YG side “Rosé and Kang Dong Won are not dating” [Official]

YG Entertainment, “Although previously we stated we couldn’t verify as it pertained to the private life of our artist, we are now releasing a statement due to continuous unfounded rumors. The Rosé dating allegations that were reported are false. Please help stop unfounded rumors from spreading.”

1. They should have denied it in the first place

2. Rosé has been suffering for the past few days, I feel sorry for her, I hope things get better in the future

3. Please sue those who write malicious comments

4. And now you guys are blaming YG?? You guys are crazy

5. I feel bad for Kang Dong Won who was criticized even though he didn’t do anything wrong

6. They just cursed at Kang Dong Won for no reason

7. Whether they’re dating or not, why are you guys posting bad comments?

8. Crazy, I feel sorry for Kang Dong Won

9. Kang Dong Won wouldn’t have been criticized if they had denied it in the first place

10. This is my first time commenting on their post, but the agency is so weird

11. Why do you guys blame others after swearing?

12. I’m glad they’re not dating

13. Kang Dong Won is so pitiful ㅠㅠ

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