YG officially confirmed that Rosé and Kang Dong Won are not dating

YG side “Rosé and Kang Dong Won are not dating” [Official]

YG Entertainment, “Although previously we stated we couldn’t verify as it pertained to the private life of our artist, we are now releasing a statement due to continuous unfounded rumors. The Rosé dating allegations that were reported are false. Please help stop unfounded rumors from spreading.”

1. They should have denied it in the first place

2. Rosé has been suffering for the past few days, I feel sorry for her, I hope things get better in the future

3. Please sue those who write malicious comments

4. And now you guys are blaming YG?? You guys are crazy

5. I feel bad for Kang Dong Won who was criticized even though he didn’t do anything wrong

6. They just cursed at Kang Dong Won for no reason

7. Whether they’re dating or not, why are you guys posting bad comments?

8. Crazy, I feel sorry for Kang Dong Won

9. Kang Dong Won wouldn’t have been criticized if they had denied it in the first place

10. This is my first time commenting on their post, but the agency is so weird

11. Why do you guys blame others after swearing?

12. I’m glad they’re not dating

13. Kang Dong Won is so pitiful ㅠㅠ

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Yg likes to milk dating rumors of their artists to create hype especially if these girlies are linked to other famous men at a time when they want clout and attention for their activities. But kang do won is a huge star in Korea. His company would not tolerate him being dragged by dumb blinks on the Internet only because yg refused to deny and take advantage of this situation and resort to media play for rose during coachella.

There is a reason why every single one of jennie’s dating rumour was revealed around the time of BP comeback. Also funny how blinks are going out of their way to deny Rose’s dating rumour with older men yet will put their life on the line to justify how jenlazy’s rumour with V is 100% true. Blinks live through these girls and only rumours with desirable/hot men are acceptable for them.


For blink and jennie, druggie gd and ball sniffer kai is hot..yall taste is ewww. So who care if blink didnt find tae is hot..your standard is ewww lol. Roselazy taste is old guy jeremy and this guy lol. Poor roselazy, kang dong won didnt like her..shes obsessed with that guy. Shes even following that guy fan page using her private ig lol. Even this old kang dong won know he deserve better

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Blinks still go around campaigning that their seoul cycle dated tae while they are hell bent denying that gdragon is that girl’s boyfriend despite dispatch admitting it with multiple proofs but none of your fandom wants to believe that.

Teenaged puppy

I think you mean tranny Lisa is deep inside STDennie nightly. It’s amazing they still have time to suck the over 40 incels off as well. Loose holed whores




Since when they THE bp lol. Yes they need clout from men. They also created by men. All their success are thanks to men aka bigbang and papa yg. Without bigbang, nobody will know them lol

Color color stan

lol their clout were from men you know. yg and teddy alone was the one who made bp famous so sit down blonk 😂

Color color stan

Not a shipper but jungkook is 200% better than any of the seoul cycles who are proving their reputation everyday 😆


And lisa is 200% better than wh0r3hyung who spreads his 🦵🦵 everytime he wants a project


It’s more likely that they’re dating, but yg just saw that the reaction wasn’t good

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Well good for him ig


anyone is better bp

Teenaged puppy



She was way cuter than all blonk ponk girlie’s combined.


At least shes not 16 years older ugly woman lol. Worry abt roselazy in love with old guy lol

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Agree both of them still love their career and have big brand contract. Even knetz called him korean leonardo dicaprio. If both of them doesn’t pretend to deny anything I think its gonna be game over especially if international medias know that one of bp member dating oldies

dot com bubble

I think YG initially doesn’t want to respond but got pressured by KDW’s side to release a statement cause apparently, KDW is receiving quite a lot of backlash.


Her fans were dragging him because they want her to date someone young and handsome like jungkook not an old man in his 50s lmao. So his agency probably saw the online hate

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Her fan are shipping her with jaehyun too lol. Jaehyun deserves better. Hope her fan will not link her with cha eunwoo lol

Color color stan

My god i saw the edits the blonks made for girlie’s ship with jaehyun, and the visual gap is so funny lol


I read some comments about Rosekook they were so sure of themselves like a lot of people were waiting it was real, it would have been so funny to see their reaction when this news came out. Blinks really live trough this girls is really embarasing


YG is really the master of mediaplay lol what a circus

Teenaged puppy

Worry about crackśe getting her holes stretched by the geriatric club of the world. I think pregnancy news is next. Probably won’t know the father tho


Hahha wtf is that. None of these are true but we all have evidence that roselut went to hotel with jeremy lol

Teenaged puppy

I live a stress free life knowing my boys have committed no grievances against their career but slutpink getting lashing for being the poster child of lazy artistry on stage and stretched holes off stage.


As a Blink I have accepted that Rose is addicted to lots of penis and drugs. YG should stop lying and instead send her to rehab so she can stop her snorting activities.


Worry abt those dozen will getting pregnant by old guy first lol. Suga is selling out his tour and the rest of bts is billionaire and they deserve better partner than dozenpink

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Ladyboy lisa

Congrats Jeremy 🎉🎉🎉

Color color stan

these are just your words blinkpink, we got your girlies in 4k with old men like kang dong won already, nobody’s even surprised here lol


Well. I guess that confirms GD x Jennie and V x Jennie lol


according to armchairs V is being fuked by jungc0ck every night so..

Like Crazy

GD and Jennie only. They’re still together. YG denied the rumor with V and Hybe called that defamation because being rumored with that cheap girl is insulting


Cheap girls = V and jimin

John Xina

V is 100% fucking Jennie’s well used, blown out baggy blart.

No doubt in my mind. He’s rigging out that wizards sleeve nightly. It’s may be a well worn path and he’s lacking the proper hiking gear, but surely it’s true.


Why are blinks so obsessed with twinks? It’s literally all I ever see you talk about


I have more proffs and evidences that she is dating with Jungkook than Rosé has with this actor. And they have the same friends circle. 3/4 people from Hybe is following Rosé on Instagram since 2019 lol. And also the people which was working with BTS are also connected with Rosé or they are friends. Rosé is following even two close friends of Jungkook. But whatever. I’m waiting for Dispatch or Rosé’s confirmation.

No Way

You’re so delusional. Seek a professional help please


This man had literally invited that pretty lil twinki Flophyung as his date for MET last year and again for his movie premiere. And that boy was clinging on to this man. So I think Kang × V

John Xina

Skinny ugly wh0re supposed to be dating this guy but YG denied it….

Funny they never denied it when this stick big fell out of a doorway, no doubt drunkenly with her knicker around her ankles, with Jeremy…

Can we assume?


YG should’ve said this since the beginning. Why making ambiguous statement that make everyone misunderstood??

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