YG says BLACKPINK will make a comeback in August

BLACKPINK is back… August comeback confirmed

BLACKPINK is finally back

According to YG Entertainment on the 6th, BLACKPINK is currently in the final stages of recording a new album. They plan to start filming a music video in July and will release a new song in August

1. Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I finally have a good song to listen to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. I’m looking forward to BLACKPINK’s song

3. Crazy, this summer is BLACKPINK

4. The biggest world tour in the history of a K-pop girl group… I’m looking forward to it ㅠㅠ

5. BLACKPINK, I’ve been waiting for so long

6. I don’t believe in YG

7. It’s been 2 years, I’m looking forward to their new song

8. Well, we finally get to see Jennie perform on stage, right?

9. I don’t believe… Please give me the teaser

10. Should we believe in YG?

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