“Yoona’s dancing skills are overshadowed by her face” SNSD Yoona dancing NewJeans Ditto and IVE Kitsch at today’s birthday party

SNSD Yoona dancing NewJeans Ditto and IVE Kitsch at today’s birthday party



1. Yoona is Yoona, she dances so well

2. SNSD’s center Yoona dances so well

3. She seems to really understand the needs of her fans

4. It’s great to see Yoona dancing well ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ For real, when she was promoting as an idol, I didn’t even know she danced well because I just looked at her face

5. Wow, I thought Yoona was just a visual member, but she has a good voice and dances well

6. Yoona dances well

7. Kitsch suits her so well

8. As expected, Yoona will do well even if she goes on stage right now

9. Maybe it’s because her limbs are long, Kitsch really suits her

10. After all, Yoona is still Yoona…

11. She’s still so pretty and dances well

12. If Taeyeon’s dancing skills are overshadowed by her vocals, Yoona’s dancing skills are overshadowed by her face

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she does?


I’m amazed with how these older generation idols especially women take care of their body and face, they are getting prettier fr


I know right?!!! I’m starting to realise just how much more effort needs to be put into taking care of one’s skin/hair/body as one gets older. Makes me admire these second girl GG idols even more!

Last edited 6 months ago by ARRA

It‘s due to one taking care of their skin/body early on, not as one get older only.


she always was a good dancer but it’s nice to see that even being a non-active idol she didn’t regress

Bring back discuss

Is this considered good…?


Definitely is. She is lead dancer of Snsd


face? 😂


YoonA was literally pushed by SM to be an idol because of her dancing skills! I’ve never seen the woman slack on stage in all my years of following SNSD. She’s great!

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