You can do this like Jennie vs can’t

1. No, never

2. Just looking at those pictures makes my legs tremble

3. What should I do if tripped by sudden strong winds?

4. I can’t

5. I can’t even get close…… How can she do that???

6. I’m afraid of heights, I can’t.. Just looking at the pictures makes me scared

7. I can’t do anything risky

8. I can’t even look at the pictures because I’m scared

9. My hands sweat as soon as I see it.. I can never do it

10. Jennie also crawled

11. I can never do that, I feel nauseous just looking at the picture

12. I think the person who took those pictures is the best

13. I can’t, my life is precious

14. Jennie, who was scared, did it too, I think I can do it too

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