“You put Kim Yuna before Jisoo?” BLACKPINK fans get mad, netizens react

“You put Kim Yuna before Jisoo?” BLACKPINK fans get mad… ‘overreaction’

On the 28th, Dior Beauty posted pictures of the pop-up store event held in Seongsu-dong, Seoul. While Kim Yuna, Jisoo, Lee Jun Ho, NewJeans Haerin and Jung Hae In were posted, Dior Beauty’s side posted Kim Yuna’s pictures first, followed by Jisoo’s pictures

However, this posting order touched the hearts of Jisoo’s fans. International fans commented protesting, “Why did the global ambassador come second?” and “Please respect the global ambassador.”

1. Are they saying that to Kim Yuna? Are they crazy?

2. I don’t know overseas, but isn’t Yuna more popular in Korea?

3. They really are psychopaths

4. No, what is this… Honestly, I don’t think Jisoo herself would care, but why are the fans making such a fuss…?

5. Don’t they feel embarrassed when they compare Jisoo to Kim Yuna?

6. Don’t they know who Kim Yuna is?

7. In Korea there is no one who doesn’t know Kim Yuna.. BLACKPINK fans are crazy

8. BLACKPINK’s fandom is obsessed with ambassadors

9. What the hell are they talking about? Who is Jisoo? Kim Yuna is a national hero

10. When I think of Dior, I only think of Kim Yuna

11. Both Korea and the world, Queen Kim Yuna’s popularity and fame is everywhere

12. Yuna is the pride of Korea

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Blackpink fans comparing that lazy dozen stiffsoo with Korea’s national sweetheart Kim yina. After 5 years stiffsoo will go into irrelevance just like other idols from past generations and these fans will move in to fresher young girls meanwhile Kim yuna has a legacy in Korea. Blinks need to keep their delusions in check.


You can’t read omg not surprising tho


They are all being posted . Stop being dramatic


Blinks are freaks and Midpink are attention whores what’s new


What did “midpink” even do? Attack the fans not the artist you retard.


Blink and army never dissapoint, they go lower everyday


army? 😶


national’s treasure vs mother of dozen


Yuna brought glory to Korea, while BP brought nothing but infamy


Saying this whilst probably being from Alabama. You koreaboos are something else.


to be honest kim yuna is not famous outside korea

Teenaged puppy

Neither is jizso so what’s your point?


Blinks are delusional as well. How is an Olympic gold winning athlete not famous??? Kim Yuna was famous before Blackpink was even a thing. She’s up there with Yuzuru Hanyu and Michelle Kwon as known ice skaters.

Teenaged puppy

Twink blinks deluded themselves with years of media to believing Midpink are somehow important outside of Korea and it’s embarrassing


Blinks and kpop stans are dumb as hell for trying to gaslight everyone and themselves by trying to undermine thee Kim Gina’s popularity. She’s a star athlete who never left the podium in her entire Olympic career. She was always at the top of her field.

She was/is popular before Blackpink was even a thing.

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