YouTube Music’s latest chart in Korea

1. YouTube Music now has more users than Melon and is popular so this chart seems accurate

2. I’ve been using YouTube Music since it came out and this is my first time hearing about this chart

3. Except for the Japanese song, it’s the same as Melon Top 100

4. Why are Japanese songs ranked so high?

5. Are Japanese songs popular in Korea these days?

6. Melon has a lot of problems.. So a lot of people turned to Spotify and YouTube Music

7. Wow, Yoasobi ranked 2nd

8. I listened to Japanese songs on YouTube because there aren’t many Japanese songs in Korea

9. Female idols are amazing

10. Lim Young Woong is really amazing

11. There are a lot of female idols ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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I use yt music
And it’s amazing
I love their algorithm
They sort put good songs of your taste


It has better sound quality then Spotify but I really don’t like how it’s connected to my YouTube library


wait I never try out youtube music but what do you mean by connected ?


All playlists you made on your YouTube account are also in your YouTube music library which is just annoying bc I don’t want to watch videos on YouTube Music.

Also, it eats up more data than Spotify but that’s understandable since the quality is better.


been thinking to move to youtube music for a while tbh but I’m so used to Spotify already, Apple Music is better too in term of the sound system but idk why I’m still stuck using Spotify lol


Spotify curation is better still


Yt music sound quality is much better than other apps. I have started listening to my favourite pop songs as well as from twice and 127 from yt music recently.


Plus I have heard streaming from music also increases the views of the song. Please do tell me about it if i am wrong. I have no clue on it. I have just saw some people talking about that.


kenshi yonezu >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

give his music a try. he makes great songs


For real. People throw the word “genius” to easily these days but I can’t argue about his. His music, his sense is amazing


Glad that Yoasobi getting more and more famous these day

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