10 groups that won Worldwide Fan’s Choice at the 2022 MAMA




NCT Dream



Stray Kids




8 male idol groups, 1 female idol group, 1 solo singer

1. GOT7 fans are amazing, congratulations to everyone

2. Congratulations to TREASURE, BLACKPINK

3. Even if you don’t care about idols, it’s the lineup everyone knows

4. If they don’t know this lineup, don’t you think they don’t care much about K-pop?ㅋㅋ

5. Congratulations to ENHYPEN. I’m so happy that they received an award on their 2nd debut anniversary

6. BLACKPINK is the only girl group and everyone is saying that the generation of female idols has changed

7. Isn’t it the kind of award you get by voting without achievements??

8. BLACKPINK is amazing

9. There are a lot of kids complaining because their idol didn’t get this award

10. Don’t talk about female idols doing better this year, why didn’t you vote for them?

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what psy doing there?? 😭 he robbed someone else award, his votes literally 0.01%


comment no 7 so true


That’s why it’s called FAN’S CHOICE, because it’s depended mostly by votes and streams, and a little bit % by judges, you gotta fight for your idols to be in the top 10.


Like female idols are here to be admired for being pretty and their music is consumed enmass but no one is voting for them bc no is really stanning.

The core idols of most male idols is bigger than ggs and I this is why not groups can have tours and win fan awards. People call Treasure flops but ol for a fact that their core fandom is bigger than even IVE’s, the current it gg

Excuse me

Twice were literally the only female idol group in top 10 during votings but somehow this dude who was in the last position won this award. This doesn’t make any sense. They robbed twice as usual.


%30 of it from spotify + they include MV views which is sns points too, so technically blackpink was in 3rd place in predictions of it with all criteria. Not only with votings

Excuse me

Never said they weren’t. Twice too with including everything will still be in top 10. It’s weird how psy got an award when he was in last position and even if you add maximum streaming points of yt and sptfy under him then also he won’t be anywhere near top 10.
It’s just very very infuriating. It’s always a female who gets robbed.


MAMA might as well remove those 50% fans vote if u just gonna put 20th place PSY ☹️☹️☹️

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