3 rookie boy groups are expected to compete for the Rookie of the Year award this year

HYBE (Zico label KOZ)
BoyNextDoor – One and Only

CJ (Group that debuted from Boys Planet)
Zerobaseone – In Bloom

RIIZE – Get a guitar

1. Zerobaseone sold over 1 million copies in its first week

2. Anyone can tell it’s Zerobaseone. Look at their scores

3. RIIZE just debuted

4. I think it’s RIIZE

5. BoyNextDoor is too weak

6. To be honest it’s Zerobaseone, they sold 1.8 million copies and ranked 20th on the chart

7. RIIZE just debuted yesterday… Leave them alone

8. I feel like RIIZE will get it

9. It’s Zerobaseone

10. Honestly, all I know is RIIZE

11. I like Zerobaseone’s song

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I’m curious to see who the girl group winners will be. 5050 is out of the running probably, so it will come to either BaeMon, IF they debut this year, Triple S, or Kiss of Life. ZB1 will easily sweep considering the charting, so meh.

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