A fan (?) rushed toward BTS Jungkook at the airport today

1. I saw it on Twitter, but it’s really scary… Does she think Jungkook and her are dating…?

2. I was really surprised when I watched it in real time, so I was worried about Jungkook. It’s good that they did a good job protecting Jungkook

3. She should go to the hospital, not the airport. Is she Japanese? Why did you go to another country?

4. The bodyguards did so well

5. Wow, but just looking at her running posture, she’s Japanese

6. Looking at her twitter account, she’s just a psycho from her profile…. It’s scary

7. Looks like a psycho

8. Looks like something from a horror movie

9. Why does she live like that?

10. It’s good that Jungkook didn’t seem to know, and the bodyguards did well

11. I’m glad Jungkook didn’t see

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