A former actress who is said to be Song Joong Ki’s current girlfriend

She was born in 1984, she used to be an actress but then quit and now she is an English teacher

1. Well, she’s so pretty

2. I guess she’s not British?

3. She’s still pretty even with a mask on

4. She was an actress when she was young… She’s so pretty

5. After seeing her face…… I’m so jealous of Song Joong Ki

6. Wow she’s so pretty and her eyes are amazing

7. Wow, I’m a girl, but I’m jealous of Song Joong Ki

8. I’m so jealous of Song Joong Ki…

9. She looks like an elf, her face is so small

10. Somehow, I know what Song Joong Ki’s ideal type is

11. Is Song Joong Ki good at fighting?

12. Wow she is a hot girl

13. Wow she is a goddess

14. Crazy, is Song Joong Ki good at fighting????????

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he said commoner fora reason idk why I feel so uncomfortable whenever people snoop around let them speak at their own pace, she was seen before with him and was introduced as staff member coz he wasn’t comfortable with revealing his relationship, now he feels comfortable enough he revealed that they are dating, maybe in future they will reveal her identity and even if they dont its their choice like why do people need to poke nose in other peoples business. Yes they are celebs but above anything they are humans and some people should learn what is the meaning of privacy


Sigh…they are creepy as always


11. Is Song Joong Ki good at fighting?

Lmao🤣 they wanna fight him for the girl


Koreans have disturbing issues with privacy, that’s why their sons have no issues with molka cuz their moms love snooping and sticking their noses where it doesn’t belong. 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

why is everyone on this site a dumbass?

??? Every country snoops around celebrity lives. There are thousands of sites and blogs dedicated to that, including this one 😭

Yall are so racist towards this country despite habitually reading news about it




I’ve seen multiple knetz say that she’s not British and not white and I’m like? What? Even saying that she isn’t white because she has brown hair, when most white people have brown hair lol.

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