Korean netizens are disappointed with Song Joong Ki’s interview in China

Song Joong Ki’s interview in China

Song Joong Ki’s interview in China

“Being a father and a husband means that you can lose your job in this entertainment industry”

????? Since when have actors’ acting careers been affected by marriage and having children……?

Foreign fans are cursing Korea in the comments…

1. ?? Seriously, I’ve never seen any actors lose their jobs because of marriage or having children

2. If a married actress said something like that, I would sympathize with her, but what is this…?? Didn’t Song Joong Ki film Vincenzo after the divorce?

3. ? Is Song Joong Ki an actress?

4. Have you seen actors lose their jobs because of marriage and having children?

5. If anyone saw this, they would think he was pregnant and gave birth

6. There are many actors who still act in love dramas even though they are married

7. What world is he living in???

8. Wow I was so shocked. How could Song Joong Ki say something like that?

9. No, it’s not even his first time getting married

10. What is he really talking about?… Is Song Joong Ki an actress?

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he’s so annoying ugh, idk what jobs he was losing, he literally filmed dramas and movies back to back , and vincenzo and reborn rich did quite well too while song hye kyo had to remain quiet for a while because she was the one who took all the backlash about their divorce and had to stay low, people calling her names just because she dated few of her co-stars before

perfect timing

lmao so what? she’s an aging starlet who can’t act and doesn’t care about anything but her face. i hope she never has kids because she looks like an empty and loveless person incapable of loving herself or anyone


he’s a walking red flag


victim cosplayer


“Foreign fans are cursing Korea in the comments… ”
Excuse me??? We hate him as much as yall do


Why is he victimizing himself. I hate male actors or idols who victimize themselves and say they had it worse. Like no. Female actress or idols had it worst like really worst. Even if you are on top of your game then also you are not safe. Male celebrities literally get away with anything. And if a female celebrity does even less that half of that she will be witch hunted until she lose her whole career. I hate these things so much.

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