A group that people wonder if they can open 5th generation

Boys Planet debut group ‘Zero Base One’

Mnet emphasized that they are the 5th generation boy group from beginning to end of the broadcast

1. How can a Chinese get 1st place?

2. Even if they do well, aren’t they 4th generation?

3. As if the 5th generation wasn’t opened by them but by another group

4. We don’t even feel the popularity of male idols in the 4th generation, so what is the 5th generation?

5. How old is the 4th generation? And the Chinese is the center, so what is the 5th generation?

6. For male idols, it seems the 4th generation hasn’t opened properly yet

7. The 4th generation is just getting started, so what is the 5th generation…?

8. The 4th generation is not stable yet, what is the 5th generation?

9. Wow, it’s already the 5th generation, I don’t even know who the 4th generation male idols are

10. Most people say that the 4th generation of male idols has not opened yet, what is the 5th generation?

11. No, how old is the 4th generation?

12. Why is Mnet obsessed with the 5th generation?

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Color color stan

Lol mnet keeps forcing the 5th gen narrative so they can say “first 5th gen group…” lol. this is just like jyp forcing 4th gen cause no one could overcome 3rd gen specially bts 😂

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