A sasaeng appeared on camera right behind the NCT 127 members

A sasaeng appeared on camera while the idols were hanging out

People who don’t know will think it’s a staff member ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

1. This is scary

2. I think this is the greatest achievement of her life…

3. Wow, it’s really scary. She’s a stalker

4. She’s a stalker, who calls her a fan? She’s just a criminal

5. She shouldn’t even be called a sasaeng fan. She’s just a stalker

6. Seriously, why are you living like that?

7. I thought she was a staff member at first… I’m so disturbed right now

8. Sasaengs all have serious mental issues

9. I heard that she’s a sasaeng that not only stalks NCT but also many K-pop idols

10. Did they purposely not blur her face?

11. I feel like she gets special treatment like that

12. I’m getting goosebumps

13. She’s so scary

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lmao its funny to hear her logic behind what she does she does not give a f


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At that point she’s literally spoiled rich daughter who doesn’t give a f and any shame for doing this sh.t lmao wait until she’s got new bias and moving on


wow..but shes pretty, looks like some


Looks like Somi


its sad this girl could be living a better life but choose to be a stalker instead


I’m curious as to why they not only didn’t have their security keep her away from them, but also let her make an appearance in their vlogs?

The girl also claims that it’s all intentional, and that the members interact with her and share tidbits about their lives with her. She’s getting ratioed and dragged on Twitter, but it does make me wonder if SM is really just okay with her following them. They have all the means to make sure she doesn’t get anywhere near them, but nada.

White cat

Pretty sure she paid someone in the the staff for information regarding the artist movement. Sm doesn’t care much about the well being of the artist. Most of the time.


Yeah true, it does seem like SM is enabling it.

White cat

That kind of sasaeng will only stop when she meet another crazier sasaeng.

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dot com bubble

It’s SM’s fault. Istg that company encourages this kind of behavior for all their groups. And yet those “Pink Bloods” proclaim their love for a company responsible for the “Dark Side of K-Pop.” Disgusting.


Everytime I see ‘Pink Blood’ I cringe so bad LMAO and you’re right. The company does seem to encourage this kind of behaviour. It almost seems like they wanna know just how far these crazy people will go for their idols.


…just how can this happen


why didn’t they blur her face?


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Taste that savage

She looks prettier than the whole 4th gg 😂

seungri is free

Reason to stalks this goblins 🙂 lol

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