A sasaeng appeared on camera right behind the NCT 127 members

A sasaeng appeared on camera while the idols were hanging out

People who don’t know will think it’s a staff member ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

1. This is scary

2. I think this is the greatest achievement of her life…

3. Wow, it’s really scary. She’s a stalker

4. She’s a stalker, who calls her a fan? She’s just a criminal

5. She shouldn’t even be called a sasaeng fan. She’s just a stalker

6. Seriously, why are you living like that?

7. I thought she was a staff member at first… I’m so disturbed right now

8. Sasaengs all have serious mental issues

9. I heard that she’s a sasaeng that not only stalks NCT but also many K-pop idols

10. Did they purposely not blur her face?

11. I feel like she gets special treatment like that

12. I’m getting goosebumps

13. She’s so scary

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