A tweet posted by an American music reporter after seeing the news about BTS Jimin getting #1 on Billboard Hot 100

“The takeaway you should have from this week is that artists are still capable of building true fan connections.

And that the truest of those fan connections can yield a #1 hit even when you don’t receive maximum radio or digital playlist support.

Things we should celebrate”

Once again: if anyone could do it, everyone would do it.

And if everyone can’t do it, no one should discredit it.

1. That’s right, ARMYs have suffered a lot

2. That’s right, it’s amazing that he has such a fandom in the US

3. If you have a lot of fans, you are the public’s pick

4. If his fans are big enough to push him to #1 on the Billboard chart, it’s the public

5. He’s amazing.. It’s great to have a fandom that can push you to #1 on the Billboard chart

6. Basically, the song is also very good. Owning a global fandom and maintaining unity is something special

7. The fact that the fandom has the same power as the public (even in the US) is a real miracle and honor achieved by BTS, but I can’t understand it every time it’s used as an excuse to bash BTS

8. BTS is amazing, congratulations to Jimin, I’m proud of you as a Korean!!!

9. I don’t know what’s wrong with the fans’ efforts

10. That’s right, “And if everyone can’t do it, no one should discredit it”

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Well said. Bashing fan effort is ridiculous since the goal of all singers is to have a solid fandom.


The funny thing is, some people bashing for fans effort while normalize artist doing payola for radio station or spotify to get more playlist


Creating a solid fandom is vital for any artist, BTS are great artists and they are sincere with their fans, there is a connection, don’t try to understand if you are not part of it. 


like this is bts that have sold out their stadium tours on both US and UK, atp the fans at the US are the gps themselves lol


Connection with your worth apparently since youre trying to make this so much your personality


same goes with youre delicate ego switching between these comment section


no need to talk about your dad here
it’s embarrassing


If it’s the fandom’s work then why did no one from his fellow BTS members who released albums right before him get number 1 on BBHOT100 too?? Admit it, bighit is treating Jimin’s album differently and also got him something to cheat his way to number 1. Also the fandom is strangely giving his album different energy while slacking off for other members songs

CeCyane '๐Ÿ’œReady for ๐Ÿ–๏ธ ๐ŸŸ๐Ÿ’œ'

Depend on the kind of songs they choose and the promos that they used. Pop will always thriumphs over non pop. that’s what dynamite, PTD, Butter, Savage Love, My Universe and Like Crazy are. Universally liked.

It has always been their pop sound that got the most stream in a group sound. so if you have a braincell at all, you would know that NO, it was and is never is equal. do you even see how Jungkook left and right is a silent hit right now. people still listen to it. The GENERAL PUBLIC carried it. They wouldn’t carry hiphop. BTS demography is extensive and most of them are joining in in dynamite era. that should tell you something, if at all.

Whole term of OT7 already exist even before you stanning them. But each of those OT7 has bias and they all have solo stan who only stan one member.

All the members maknae line have the biggest solo stan. You expect them to support members that they hate ??

They would never get the same result based on this.


This isn’t yg


Its always well known that pop sound is what army like the most from BTS. Thats why like crazy performed much better than set me free pt2. Jimin also chose traditional kpop groups promo. His song also perfect for remixes. Its like the stars are all allign for him. Jhope actually can actually do better on charts, but he chose hardcore rap as both of his singles. Its would be different if he choose vibey dance hip hop ala chicken noodle soup. Same with RM. At the end of day, its based on songs.


bighit got a big part of it also. he’s the higher ups’ favorite slut

CeCyane '๐Ÿ’œReady for ๐Ÿ–๏ธ ๐ŸŸ๐Ÿ’œ'

he is the only one among them whose only dream is to stay together as a group.
He prioritize group above his solo, so it easier for BH to advice him on what to do on the meantime while they start enlisting.
All the other members has their own ideal on what to do while they wait to team again.
JHope want to attend lollapaloza, he got that, RM want a small hall concert with only 200 people above 21 yo, he got that, Suga want tour, he got that, Tae want to be an intern at a restaurant, he got that, JK want to be couch potatoe, he got that.

Basically all the members are doing whatever they want in their chapter 2. it just so happen that Jimin want the traditional kpop group promos for his solo, so he got that


How is fans wallet a bad thing when they’re spending money voluntarily instead of radio payola forcing songs nobody asked down everyone’s throat?


According to some people companies buying radio support and playlists are the most organic way to get #1 but genuine fan support isnโ€™t ๐Ÿ˜‚


And he ate. Kpop stans being bitter and saying anyone can get a #1 on Hot100 has to be the funniest shit I’ve seen in a while cause 90% of yall can’t even get your faves anywhere near bubbling under, like huh?? Very unserious bunch of people ๐Ÿ˜ญ


Idky anyone would bash efforts of ppl for buying the music they listen to over everyone else whose companies buy the radio plays and playlistings to force it on ppl, regardless of whether they would’ve made the effort to find the songs on their own.

Bc lbfr, at least 95% of every song being spun on the radio is a forced listen that none of the listeners actively chose.


Bts is the new religion. Their fans treat them like gods and moving like a cult.

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