A tweet posted by an American music reporter after seeing the news about BTS Jimin getting #1 on Billboard Hot 100

“The takeaway you should have from this week is that artists are still capable of building true fan connections.

And that the truest of those fan connections can yield a #1 hit even when you don’t receive maximum radio or digital playlist support.

Things we should celebrate”

Once again: if anyone could do it, everyone would do it.

And if everyone can’t do it, no one should discredit it.

1. That’s right, ARMYs have suffered a lot

2. That’s right, it’s amazing that he has such a fandom in the US

3. If you have a lot of fans, you are the public’s pick

4. If his fans are big enough to push him to #1 on the Billboard chart, it’s the public

5. He’s amazing.. It’s great to have a fandom that can push you to #1 on the Billboard chart

6. Basically, the song is also very good. Owning a global fandom and maintaining unity is something special

7. The fact that the fandom has the same power as the public (even in the US) is a real miracle and honor achieved by BTS, but I can’t understand it every time it’s used as an excuse to bash BTS

8. BTS is amazing, congratulations to Jimin, I’m proud of you as a Korean!!!

9. I don’t know what’s wrong with the fans’ efforts

10. That’s right, “And if everyone can’t do it, no one should discredit it”

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