Aespa surpasses 1.33 million copies in first week (first day)

1.8 million pre-orders

Currently, the girl group with the highest first-week sales is 1.54 million copies

1. Daebak, I hope Aespa gets better

2. Wow, Aespa is amazing

3. Congratulations to Aespa!

4. Hul 1.33 million copies???????????????? Daebak

5. Aespa is amazing!!!!! I really like all the female idols… They’re all crazy

6. Aespa is the best

7. I think they will surpass 1.54 million copies

8. Aespa’s fandom is crazy

9. It’s already 1.4 million copies

10. Let’s set a new record…

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Ladyboy lisa

Damn bp what are you doing on the floor


Congratulations Aespa! Their fanbase is so dedicated and loyal despite the long hiatus and lack of content. I know the girls are keen on giving back the love they receive, so I hope SM will support them properly going forward.


Fake sales


and 80% of those “sales” come from 3 chinese fans 💀

Color color stans and yg & teddy's 4 leg spreaders

Lol look at the difference between pann and theqoo sad girlies opinion on aespa and lsf. Lsf broke blackpig’s 1st day album sales record and they dragged that group even though lsf ranking on melon is much higher. Meanwhile they praise aespa cause they’re a bunch of idiot pink bloods

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