Aespa’s concept changed in ‘Spicy’ MV Teaser

aespa ‘Spicy’ MV Teaser

1. Huh, I was expecting a song like Next Level and Savage, but what a pity

2. It sounds similar to ITZY’s song

3. Wow Karina’s face is really crazy

4. All of Aespa’s songs are good, so I’m looking forward to it

5. Hul, it’s different from their songs so far, but it’s so good

6. Ningning is so pretty these days

7. The song is good for summer, I’m looking forward to it

8. I think the song will be so good

9. I think the music video is beautiful and the song is good

10. Their concept has completely changed

11. Karina is crazy with smokey makeup

12. It’s completely different from the concept so far, I’m looking forward to it

13. Wow I like the song

14. Crazy, I think it’s great to listen to this song in the summer

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Like Crazy

put my sneakers on

spicy spice

karina’s hairstyle makes her face looks like a beauty blender or even this emoticon👽


Yes a lot of people think her face looks like what people want to look like as a filter

Color color stan and yg & teddy's 4 tramps

I’m sure it’s gonna be better than the songs the seoul cycles put out at least and sm’s not gonna make them sleep with jeremy just to get streams but still fail 😂


seek help you are sick in the head


Well, they’re in the real world where they’re just doing fun girl things, as opposed to fighting a giant snake, so of course they switched up their sound for the concept!


boring. yawning. sloppy. lazy



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