Am I the only one sick of hearing “the whole world is NewJeans”?

Am I the only one sick of hearing “the whole world is NewJeans”?

Even world class groups like BTS and BLACKPINK don’t say that

It’s not a cult, but their fans go around saying “the whole world is NewJeans”

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1. [+245, -119] Get out of the house and look aroundㅋㅋ Because wherever you go, you see NewJeans, isn’t it ‘the whole world is NewJeans’?

NewJeans’ CFs

2. [+235, -94] Unless you’re ostracized at school or you’re an introvert, you can’t help but feel the popularity of NewJeans

3. [+230, -98] But isn’t it true that the whole world is NewJeans?

[NewJeans syndrome] “The whole world is NewJeans” Phenomena created by Bunny and NewJeans

4. [+224, -93] It’s not a joke or a meme, it’s true that the whole world is NewJeans. Wherever you go, you only hear NewJeans’ music, wherever you go, you only see NewJeans’ CFs. The whole world is NewJeans <- If you don’t feel NewJeans’ popularity it’s because you’re jealous

5. [+140, -99] For real, NewJeans’ fans are like a cult

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Alot of newjeans stans are success stans n army. They only popular in korea so saying whole world is newjeans kinda exaggerating because even BTS n bp much bigger than them globally.

Hybe being pushing hard them. Just yesterday, i read that artists who using payola never really get paid much money. No wonder despite how much them getting cf, other hybe groups still more profitable than them. They even announced going to have 6 mv. Their cb is incredibly expensive. Dont forget that how hybe already ready to replace OMG with new song on TTH. Their payola is real. They also got tons of brand deals that previously BTS had so i guess they must be get paid pretty cheap for that. For example, Hybe being pushing that mcd collab song. I wonder how long hybe gonna give expensive cb for them. Their popularity in korea remind me when twice was so popular back in the day. So, you cant really know whether they can maintain popularity among gp or not. What i know knetizens really change gg like clothes. No wonder companies keep debuting new gg.

Like Crazy

bp sneak. Don’t compare these lazy girls to BTS


Just because she said those names together doesn’t mean it’s comparison


Reading comprehension is a lost skill. Even if you hate BP to the core, you can not deny the fact that they are more known globally than Newjeans.


Unless the “whole world” means only SK then their stans are delusional


whole world=tiktok

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This rookie Kpop group has taken the world by storm with their amazing debut. Their talent is undeniable and their music is simply breathtaking, making them an instant sensation in the Kpop industry. I have no doubt that this group will continue to dominate the charts and win the hearts of fans all around the world with their incredible performances and catchy tunes.


& that’s why they barely bring 1% of hybe’s profit lol 😂😂😂😂


This is a reach lol. Remove tth playlists and they will never enter bbhot 100 and they will stay on ive and aespa level


“The whole world is new jeans” LMAOOAAOOAOO
Who started this bullshit?
Take the playlists out and then see where they actually stand. Literally the most privileged and inorganic hybe grp.


Well it’s because you follow what they do . I don’t see much of them


their media play is kinda cringe tbh.


OMG is still on TTH but I don’t feel their popularity outside South Korea


you’re just jealous, omg is the 4th generation biggest song on tiktok,
1. OMG – 5.3 billion views
2. Cupid – 4.4B views
even Next Level has only 1.4 billion views, you can check it out on songstats website


Let’s talk about how OMG is still on the biggest playlist on Spotify TTH despite being out of Top 100 on Global Spotify chart. It’s been there since January. Not even BTS or BP had this longevity on the playlist. They will comeback and the song will still be there or it’s going to be replaced. These privileged girls are being pushed too hard.


You know, hybe literally media play them as the next bts so they really need to invest in them so much to at least attain half of bts’ popularity


their fame reminds me of aespa & itzy 😂 typical 4th gen gg the korean gp hypes them for 1 or 2 years after that they will drop them

Tae Moon

Op sounds like a hater, NJ is deffo top 3 active kpop group right now. Considering they are rookies with no previously popular members and a surprise debut, their current run is impressive.

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