An employee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was caught selling BTS member’s hat that was left behind for 10 million won

1. Seriously disgusting

2. Really?????????

3. They’re even selling BTS members’ tissues~ They have body odor~

4. Crazy, didn’t you learn such basics when you were about to enter civil service?

5. 10 million won?ㅋㅋ Who will buy that hat?

6. It’s scary

7. I got goosebumps

8. Celebrities must be tired

9. 10 million won?ㅋㅋㅋ If you know the owner of that hat, shouldn’t you return it to their agency?

10. Are you thinking of selling it for 10 million won? You are crazy

11. That’s a disgusting ba$tard

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fr that employee sounds like a sasaeng 💀

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