ASTRO Moonbin’s final tweet on April 11

“Roha, these are dandelion seeds!!! Dandelion seeds-yah~ Go with the wind and spread out!”

“To the people I treasure, Spring is here, tickling me gently”

I hope that he will fly like dandelion seeds and get comfort

1. My tears keep falling…ㅜㅜ I hope he’s not lonely, doesn’t get tired and be happy

2. I don’t know what to say… I can’t believe it

3. It’s so sad and I keep crying ㅠㅠ I hope he’s happy there

4. Seeing his smile makes me want to cry, how long has he endured the hardships behind that smile?

5. He’s a pure, innocent and pretty person

6. I’m so sad and tearful when I see him smiling, I hope he’s happy there

7. I really can’t believe it

8. Moonbin-ah, I love you so much, I hope you smile a lot there

9. I can’t believe it, but rest in peace. I want to tell you that you worked so hard and lived well

10. Be comfortable and happy there

11. Moonbin-ah, how can I live without you?

12. He must have been a kind and gentle man… You worked hard. Rest in peace

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The world will miss his lovely smile. I hope he knows how many lives he’s touched, and how many beautiful moments he has created. Rest in peace, darling, you deserve it. 🩶

WhatsThe Point

I don’t think people should go to his prev posts and say stuff like “it was there all along.”
He might have meant something else, he might have meant this we don’t know.
Let’s not analyse everything he did in the past few days.
May his soul rest in peace


Yeah, it’s better to not make baseless speculations when there’s nothing definite anyways. All well wishes and condolences to his loved ones and those who love him. May he be at peace.

spicy spice

what a shocking news, probably being 2023’s most shocking breaking news.

may he rest in peace.


Called him ugly once
I feel bad

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