“At this rate it seems like it’s only a matter of time before they become like BLACKPINK” NewJeans Hanni became an ambassador

NewJeans Hanni became an ambassador

Armani Global Beauty

[+157, -52]

1. [+42, -20] Is she the most popular in the group? She always gets picked the most

2. [+42, -14] NewJeans is seriously f*cking successfulㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+30, -7] It suits her

4. [+28, -5] Hanni’s style has a large spectrum, so her image changes depending on the concept and she handles it well

5. [+26, -7] Ambassador Hanni will do well, seriously

6. [+24, -28] Wow, the whole world is NewJeans, at this rate it seems like it’s only a matter of time before they become like BLACKPINK

7. [+11, -8] But is she popular? I don’t understand..

8. [+11, -2] Hanni Pham❤️❤️

9. [+7, -2] Hanni Pham

10. [+7, -1] Hanni Pham is crazyㅋㅋ

11. [+6, -1] It suits her so well, as expected, NewJeans is amazing

12. [+5, -4] Wow, the famous members are Haerin and Minji, but the other members get CFs

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The title.
The mediaplay is insane lmao


not sure why they don’t go with brands that suits their concept for now , armani beauty doesn’t really match her whole vibe rn , burberry does suit danielle tho and lv does suit hyein


They dont even has own insta account. And their solo brand deals dont really match them tbh. Everything feel rush. Its just feel ador/hybe wany to secure all the luxury brand deals before yg new gg debut as YG seem having more greater connection in fashion world.


bp is paid but nj has to pay to get deals though.


it’s the other way around


Newjeans are literally rookies who are yet to build their individual image/reputation in the industry. They don’t even have individual instagram accounts that can boost the brands’ MIV/EMV.💀


Their social media are lower than baemon 🤣

brazzers recruitment

glad to see non-koreans get the sponsorships. sponsoring korean idols are oversaturated.


What’s with the title. Seems like it’s ador’s staff



Another Guest

Atp it’s most likely that creep MHJ cause Hybe is so horrifyingly bad when it comes to the media smh.


do you mean the title on pannkpop ? because it’s the admin that made it up , if you go to the original post on Pann, it’s not the same as the title that was put here .

it’s like how different the title of pannchoa’s posts are in their website with the title that they put on their twitter account.


They literally have no presence in the beauty/fashion world yet they’re getting these deals deals… yet alone have individual IGs.

& the media play with BlackPink omg… none of these idols would be getting these deals without them. (and G-Dragon). They are known for their fashion and influence. No one can deny it. They’ve been invited to so many fashion events for yearsss. Jisoo literally has her own fashion inspired line in Dior! That’s influence.


Isn’t Tessa Thompson the new ambassador of Armani beauty?


Usually brands can have multiple ambassador. For example, dior has jisoo, jimin, cha eun woo, anya taylor, etc. For gucci, there are IU, kai, etc.


What impact do these rookies have in the industry to be given these Global Ambassadorships? 💀 exactly nothing. It’s just Hybe securing these brand deals for them.


The mediaplay is she even popular enough nor have impact? Lol They better stop using bp name .


Blinks were using newjeans to sh!t on bts 😂 and using ador’s pathetic media play as a weapon lmaoooo .
now look how things have changed and ador is using bp too 😂 karma sure hit blinks soooo bad


What karma? Ador is literally using BTS’ hard earned money for Newjeans. Not BP’s money 😂. Hybe are securing brand deals left and right and doing massive playlists for them and barely for BTS solo members. Ouch.😂

Rathinda Amor

karma as in newjeans taking BP’s job little by little


In your dreams. They are taking BTS job tho. Notice how Hybe are using BTS name in their articles while praising Newjeans, they didn’t lie when they say they are reducing their dependency on BTS and Newjeans made it possible, no wonder why they are pushing those rookies.


get them their individual Instagram accounts first lol


They’re just bagging luxury deals without thinking about if the image suits them. Idk why the title has to mention BlackPink. BlackPink suits the luxury brands they model for.

The mediaplay is kinda annoying saying this as someone who prefers NewJeans to BP.

Spring day

Not comparable. Newjeans have talent, unlike bundlepink.

based misandrist

they’re already ending bts don’t worry


They are so talented that they ended those 7 old twinks you stan.


Who is this nugu . Did anyone follow them lol can’t see their fans exist on social media


Hybe pls stop this mediaplay 💀


There’s no sense a group is a very low individual popularity doing becoming this much of fashion deals. Hybe marketing and connections is going hard with them.

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