Baby Monster is being praised for their live singing skills with ‘SHEESH’ Radio Live

Baby Monster ‘SHEESH’ Radio Live

Fancam version

From the left

Rora, Rami, Pharita, Ruka, Chiquita, Ahyeon, Asa

1. I didn’t like this song, but after watching their live performance, I started listening to it more

2. There are 5 singers and 2 rappers who are also good

3. I’ve never liked foreign members but Asa caught my eye

4. I hope that these talented idols get better

5. I understand why there are so many comments saying they want to see an encore stage under every Baby Monster stage video

6. It’s great that they can sing live anywhere because all the members are good at singing live

7. Wow, I like singers who perform live well like this. I support them

8. I think Baby Monster should go to Coachella now

9. All members are doing well without ups and downs

10. What is happening with Yang Hyun Suk? They are all pretty and sing well

11. Wow, They really have no holes. They are all good

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