Baby Monster ‘SHEESH’ MR removed live version

Baby Monster ‘SHEESH’ MR removed live version

Ahyeon and Rora

1. Hul Ahyeon is so good

2. I think they have the top skills of the 5th generation

3. Wow, their confidence is no joke

4. They all have great vocal skills so they don’t worry at all when singing

5. Since this is their debut song, they must have practiced a lot. They did so well

6. Wow, they don’t have any holes, everything is so good

7. It seems their skills are the top

8. They’re so talented, look at their music ranking increasing. I really want to go to Baby Monster’s concert someday

9. They sing so well, Rami’s voice is so good

10. Daebak.. Singers should sing well and perform live well

11. Wow, their live is amazing…

12. Ahyeon is crazy, I really like her voice

13. In the previous episode, Kang Ho Dong’s facial expressions, Park Myung Soo’s facial expressions, and the positive reactions from celebrities made me feel like they were really talented

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