Brave Girls changes the group name

[Exclusive] Brave Girls changes the group name, the new group name is ‘BB Girls’

The members of Brave Girls, who recently signed an exclusive contract with Warner Music Korea, chose the new group name, BB Girls

1. ‘BB Girls’ is so cute!!! I hope they promote with good songs!!

2. It’s cute and matches their image

3. As a fan, I like that name~

4. I hope they release more good songs

5. They did well, I think that name doesn’t lose the group’s identity

6. BB Girls is so much better than Brave Girls ㅋㅋㅋㅋ They did well

7. Now please give me a summer song!!!!

8. So cute~ I want to listen to their new song soon

9. It’s good that it’s not too different from the current group name

10. BB Girls fighting!

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