Brave Girls members all leave Brave Entertainment

[Exclusive] Brave Girls to leave Brave Entertainment… Contract expiration

Girl group Brave Girls will leave Brave Entertainment

The Brave Girls members all ended their contracts with Brave Entertainment and went their separate ways

All 4 members including Minyoung, Yujeong, Eunji and Yuna are leaving Brave Entertainment, and Brave Entertainment supports their future

1. It’s a pity, they got lucky, but they didn’t take advantage of it

2. This is why agency is important

3. Even if the members are all talented, the company is so bad

4. I hope they all go to good agencies

5. An agency that can’t take advantage of that great opportunity… Seriously, stop debuting idols

6. They never had a fan meeting???? Hul… It’s a pity that they didn’t do it at least once

7. The company is really incompetent

8. The members all have good skills and charms, so they might be more popular, but the company can’t really do anything

9. Brave Girls must have made a lot of money from CFs, but you couldn’t even hold a fan meeting for them?

10. I know they did a mini tour in the US last year, but they should have done a concert in Korea

11. What a waste, this opportunity doesn’t come to anyone

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