BTS fandom sent protest trucks in front of the HYBE office building yesterday and today

This is the reason:

1. HYBE is just crazy about money and only thinking about extorting money from fans, I wonder when they will wake up

2. Jimin’s akgaes, they’re just criminals

3. Is this company making money from BTS and not being grateful to BTS? Why didn’t they do anything?

4. They are just a group of criminals. What the hell is HYBE doing? Make sure you sue them

5. It’s an internal matter for BTS fans, but I hope they get sued for spreading rumors about other girl groups

6. Big Hit still doesn’t care about protecting artists, even if they renew their contracts

7. Seriously, if you ignore this, it will get worse, please sue them

8. If HYBE doesn’t sue, I hope BLACKPINK Rosé will sue them, honestly we can’t expect HYBE

9. They are just criminals. Let’s take advantage of this opportunity to eradicate them completely

10. Not only other BTS members but they also spread rumors about other idols, please sue them..

11. It’s really hard to be a fan because of them. Please sue them

12. They’re still creating rumors on Twitter.. Let’s sue them

13. Even now, they’re blaming other member’s fandoms, they seem to know they won’t be sued

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huh I thought it was about the dynamic pricing, lucky Jimin is at the States and not there to see this.


He should what his crazy fandom did to members and other kpop grp..well he must be happy bcuz hes the same as his pig fans


jimin>>>>> his fans


I would be embarrassed to death if I see my die heart fans doing this kind of bs to other members


jimin is more evil than his fans


army + pjm akgaes both


not bringing back disqus so the trolls here can be blocked or reported, allow more bots and ads in here oh pannkpop what’s wrong with you


wait the bot’s comment is deleted

free bts from akgaes, solos, and shippers

they’re always deleting comments they don’t like, you shouldn’t be surprised.. but never delete comments that attack idols unprovoked. this comment section about to go crazy when akgaes will come and mass like all disgusting comments addressed to jimin yet nobody will bat an eyelash. it’s insane how they move here tbh..


That’s kpop stans in a nutshell


akgaes fighting between them again


Once again jimin akgae and lizard need to marry each other. And that time jesus will come to save all of us from those devil


Worst fandom after EXO-L era


Pannkpop comments are full of army just look at your down votes and all the hates comments under other idol posts. They’re the worst fandom ever


So trueeeee. You win this!

free bts from akgaes, solos, and shippers

no but in all honesty I DO hope HYBE investigates this and exposes all the akgaes. from jimin’s anti gallery who is the reason his email got leaked and why jimin literally got doxxed (they’re also the ones who started this k-pjms attacking idols thing lmao shared that random twt user’s post in their gallery in less than 10 minutes), to that staff who’s in charge of subtitles and used that “gorilla jimin” term his antis are known to use in that gallery, to this supposed group of k-pjms creating hate trains against taekook and other idols. like i literally need all of yall taken care of and sued to the last penny you own because that’s what yall little unloved freaks deserve. all of you.

free bts from akgaes, solos, and shippers

yea,you’re exactly the kind of person I’m talking about <3 fuckass weirdo

free bts from akgaes, solos, and shippers

lmao notice how I also mentioned the k-pjm gallery who were attacking other idols but the moment yall see someone bringing up the shit you weirdos do to jimin you automatically assume they’re a solo stan and get defensive? laughable. the way yall are trying to fight for the worst akgaes title as if not all of you are one and the same cloth, be serious


Everyone know who is the worst lol. Its a pig and his fandom. Hes probably going to evade military like his friend ravi and kai lol. As expected from bunch of ugly and small dick friends. All of them looks like a trans acting sexy lol

free bts from akgaes, solos, and shippers

read that again for me and realize how utterly insane you sound. if you are capable of doing that. yall akgaes truly have no self awareness whatsoever.


“supposed group of k_pjms” when i say most of the ot7 accs would blind their own eyes to ignore the hate taehyung gets as much as they fight for their lives to justify not supporting his work

Last edited 6 months ago by rosa
free bts from akgaes, solos, and shippers

yea, my apologies for not fully trusting the gallery who is knownly full of jimin antis is suddenly flocked by pjms overnight. though knowing how yall deranged akgaes act, it wouldn’t fully surprise me either to see yall jumping at the opportunity of turning any site into a war for dernaged freaks 💀 hence why “supposedly”

last but not least, ot7s hate for yall ≠ ot7 hating the members yall token stan.
cause ain’t it funny how all akgaes of all members acuse armys of hating the memebrs they “stan”? so who do we really support since we apparently hate all 7 of them? 🤨


Ikr.. each akgaes always accused Army hate their faves. Tae akgaes said we hate tae, jimin akgaes said we hate jimin, jk akgaes said we hate jk and so on. in conclusion, Army hate all members 😂😂


oh shut up.even the thought of jimin solo stans or jikook stans being dragged breaks your hearts you care about cleaning those deranged akgaes image more than protecting all shows in how ot7 accs make threads to defend company’s lack of support & deny his haters doings but nothing to support him.
what to expect from ppl who unfollow him on ig to “balance” the members’ those 13-14m all akgae & wish them death as if all ppl who follow joon are ot7 only or follow tae too.but yall have no problem with their spotify followers.and all these i saw in responses for asking a big ot7 acc why they don’t talk about the hate he gets..
i don’t need to prove my love for all the members to btches like u who call everyone who loves taehyung akgae but fight with their everything to defend jimin akgaes.

Teenaged puppy

They don’t wanna hear the truth


not you turning the whole topic lol both of these people exist, this isnt fake no matter how much you want it to be neither are those anti jimin gal, the problem is why these people exist and management isnt doing anything. You all pinning it onto one another wont help. And like it or not this isnt anything from anti jimin gal but they are jimin akgaes who are running this

free bts from akgaes, solos, and shippers

how am I “turning the whole topic” when I did also mention the gallery in question? and was clear enough in my answers that all of them should get whatever they have coming? hence why I am hoping HYBE will actually move and investigate their staff

as to your “the problem is why these people exist and management isn’t doing anything” point, the answer is in my reply.. they partake in it. hence why they’ve repeatedly used the exact same terms antis do on those galleries and have also been caught (on live, ironically so) roaming these galleries.
so unless higher-up people in the company find out about it and do something, it’s gonna keep happening regardless of how many concerns we raise

though that shouldn’t be an invitation for the akgaes on this site to hate, insult, and attack the members they don’t stan whenever a conversation on this topic is started. cause that’s exactly what has been happening so far.

Last edited 6 months ago by jendeukie

Only that pig is criminal


Jimin akgaes are the worst. Hope they know it is reflecting badly on Jimin


I doubt they will have self reflection for their action will bring bad impact to jimin image too, instead they will playing victim card

Color color stan

Pls it’s 2023 why are people still sending trucks. It’s giving 2012 😂


ask your own fandom rat


nah don’t act like this is not something all kpop fandoms do at the slightest inconvenience 😂 it’s embarrassing how yall act


Ewww jimin stay away from our women

Last edited 6 months ago by BlinkPink

2. Jimin’s akgaes, they’re just criminals

they need to be put in jail fr. I’m happy Knetz are finally waking up and got to know how disgusting Jimin’s akgaes are.


Most jimin fans are jobless old women. That’s the main problem. They have no work and so they do stuff like this. Like he’s not even 2nd most popular but his fans are always exposed doing the worst thing.


Hybe without BTS and Army you are nothing, you have pissed off the wrong fandom. 

stooop lying

jjks trying to deflect from the fact that they know jungkook’s address and constantly send him stuff to the point this poor man actually had to come on weverse to tell you freaks to stop invading his privacy. help is needed. also, pannkpop, don’t EVER try to pass these deranged mfs as armys EVER again.


Deserved. Hybe needs to be reminded constantly for not taking further actions for this. It’s been going on for years already.


jimin should see this to stop his criminal fans or maybe he knows about that and doesnt care

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