BTS fandom sent protest trucks in front of the HYBE office building yesterday and today

This is the reason:

1. HYBE is just crazy about money and only thinking about extorting money from fans, I wonder when they will wake up

2. Jimin’s akgaes, they’re just criminals

3. Is this company making money from BTS and not being grateful to BTS? Why didn’t they do anything?

4. They are just a group of criminals. What the hell is HYBE doing? Make sure you sue them

5. It’s an internal matter for BTS fans, but I hope they get sued for spreading rumors about other girl groups

6. Big Hit still doesn’t care about protecting artists, even if they renew their contracts

7. Seriously, if you ignore this, it will get worse, please sue them

8. If HYBE doesn’t sue, I hope BLACKPINK Rosé will sue them, honestly we can’t expect HYBE

9. They are just criminals. Let’s take advantage of this opportunity to eradicate them completely

10. Not only other BTS members but they also spread rumors about other idols, please sue them..

11. It’s really hard to be a fan because of them. Please sue them

12. They’re still creating rumors on Twitter.. Let’s sue them

13. Even now, they’re blaming other member’s fandoms, they seem to know they won’t be sued

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