BTS Jimin’s akgae fans who systematically manipulated public opinion on various communities, including Theqoo and DC (spreading rumors about BTS members and Rosé)

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1. They are beyond my imagination, they are really evil

2. Rosé’s dating rumors were also spread by them??

3. I guess they don’t know that even the singer hates them for their actions

4. Why do they live like that?

5. Wow, I love Jimin so much, but I didn’t even know there were kids like that; I really feel bad for Jimin

6. Crazy… Why do they ruin Jimin’s image with things like that?

7. They are really disgusting

8. I’m a fan of BTS OT7.. I really hate this

9. Jimin seems like a good kid, but why are the fans acting like this…?

10. Would Jimin want such fans…? I bet he hates them too

11. Why are they wasting their lives doing things like this?

12. These people are not fans. If you’re a fan, you can’t do this

13. Aren’t they the ones spreading rumors about Rosé???? Right?

14. ??? Isn’t Jimin a member of BTS too? But why are they spreading rumors about his members?

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