BTS Jimin’s akgae fans who systematically manipulated public opinion on various communities, including Theqoo and DC (spreading rumors about BTS members and Rosé)

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1. They are beyond my imagination, they are really evil

2. Rosé’s dating rumors were also spread by them??

3. I guess they don’t know that even the singer hates them for their actions

4. Why do they live like that?

5. Wow, I love Jimin so much, but I didn’t even know there were kids like that; I really feel bad for Jimin

6. Crazy… Why do they ruin Jimin’s image with things like that?

7. They are really disgusting

8. I’m a fan of BTS OT7.. I really hate this

9. Jimin seems like a good kid, but why are the fans acting like this…?

10. Would Jimin want such fans…? I bet he hates them too

11. Why are they wasting their lives doing things like this?

12. These people are not fans. If you’re a fan, you can’t do this

13. Aren’t they the ones spreading rumors about Rosé???? Right?

14. ??? Isn’t Jimin a member of BTS too? But why are they spreading rumors about his members?

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Jimin is so humble and sweet, why are his solo stans so hateful?


All these are fake,It’s smear campaign started by taekookers to ruin jm’s image


Taekooker my ass always blaming other & try to victimizing jm when ur breed gets exposed, are those sk ppl are that dumb to be get faked by such thing lol

dot com bubble

Are you… trying to defend and clear the image of SOLO STANS??? Seriously???

Jimin akgaes are the worst

they do this all the time. look at the comments later, you will be downvoted to hell too if you even make bad comments about literal akgaes. last jimin akgae article they did this and all comments pointing out ow evil his solo stans are get downvoted.

Jimin akgaes are the worst

They will mass vote all comments against jimin solo stans watch lol

stooop lying

“jimin biased armys who downvote my hate comments for jimin are SO EVIL, i literally can’t believe i have to deal with people giving me a reality check” energy just to go ahead and downvote every single comment who disagrees with you and points out your (along with your disgusting breed’s) disgusting behavior. you’re a whole freak, go check yourself into the nearest mental facility abeg.


I think you’re the same person as taekookers need to die once and for all and I’m 100% sure you’re not an ARMY cause below you threw Jungkook under the bus for the fender bender to defend Jimin. So stop pretending to be an ARMY.


I think I saw you comment bad about Jimin directly not his solo stans, y’all are just both the same breed.


that’s only his act in front of camera. if u watched their bangtan bomb from previous year especially before hyyh u can see his real behaviour. he’s self centred and hot tempered person. i bet his fans resemble his character


And he was so rude to some of them in many accusations.. if that’s on camera I wonder what goes behind the scenes :/


Nothing? You never even met him behind camera? I bet you never see him once in your lifetime too. You just slander him and cry about how bad your life is


TF are u saying? self centered? who are y btw. Not an army, but an anti dare to say bad about jimin. Jusst say u hate bts and army then go. We didn’t need your opinion on Jimin. Just focus on your favs.


lmao ive been following bts since debut and i dare to say ot7 is a myth because bias exists. The members’ personality also plays role. I always notice jm bad behaviour and notice how fake he is. Try to open your eyes a lil and u can see it yourself.


Following BTS since debut if I believe an anti behaviour like u. Army since debut would never talk bad about Jimin as we know how hard working he is. How EVERY BTS MEMBERS always talk sweet about him. He gives support equally to EVERY BTS MEMBERS and always come to say good things on weverse or other platform to armys. IF He is as you slandered him to be, then NO BTS MEMBER WOULD LIKE HIM. But, in truth, they love him so much. I CHOOSE TO BELIEVE BTS OVER AN ANTI LIKE YOU.


Hes self centered. Even other member know abt it lol. He always insert himself if bts member praise other member. And i still cant believe his fan got angry when jin called him a pig when he also call jin a pig too lol


When did he call Jin a pig? WHEN?? Even when Jin on military duty, he would call Jimin to bring him food. He loves Jimin more than you anti can imagine.


it’s akgae fights now and looks like taekook akgaes/shippers have flocked to this site. you can’t reason with these psychopaths


lmao and you wonder why Jimin akgaes act like this to your own bias. You can’t point fingers at them when you’re also akgaes of other members that are hateful to another BTS member. y’all akgaes should all go to hell seriously. I bet all of BTS hate you and will never acknowledge your existence.

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His fans are just like him


And your fav maybe just like you…stupid to the bone!

Jimin akgaes are the worst

See? This is a praise for JImin but they’re dragging Jimin akgaes so the akgae mass voting here is mad and downvoting it to hell lol. so obvious. Onl y jimin posts have this many likes

stooop lying

How are you gonna cry about people downvoting yall “calling out Jimin’s akgaes” (while most of you also manage to sneak in some disgusting remarks towards Jimin himself, but wanna act all innocent afterwards lmao) while actively downvoting people who are calling out Taekookers’ disgusting behavior towards Jimin? Yall are so hypocritical it’s actually laughable

“Only Jimin posts have this many likes” exactly. The same way yall get hundreds of likes when talking shit about him, but now that the likes are, FOR ONCE, in his favor it’s suddenly a problem? A bunch of CLOWNS. That’s what you lot are.

Jimin akgaes are the worst

How are you gonna claim taekookers rule this website when the username with
taekookers need to die once and for all has literally a ton of upvotes? And the one praising jimin and attacking his solo stans only have 33? Liar liar

stooop lying

how are you gonna claim taekookers rule this website” cause we see how the comment section looks on every single Jimin related article before Jimin biased armys (and actual armys) come here to do damage control. Look at the other article on this subject and you’ll see how we can freely “claim” your disgusting breed rules this site.

Throwing temper tantrums cause we don’t let yall little children freely gang up and hate on a man that did absolutely NOTHING to yall weirdos. You’re beyond embarrassing.


Have some shame. Crying about ‘Jimin akgaes’ downvoting you for talking shit about Jimin while going around downvoting people who call you TrashKookers out. Pot calling the kettle black.

You’re fucking disgusting. And I genuinely hope the worst on you and the rest of your breed. Sick ass bitch.


A solo stan is mad at another solo stan. Both braindead, no sign of intelligent life.


His akgae are really the worst. But the worst is army ‘ot7’ are ignoring his akgae vile things towards other member but army are quickly making a hit tweet if other member akgae attacking jimin..they are ‘ot7’ but they only protect 1 member lol. Day by day army proved themselves as fake ot7 and just bunch of jimin solo stans lol


Even yg clarified that chinese fans started rose` rumours. Taekookers are really trying so hard to ruin jm’s image. Disgusting breed


Chinese fans started the drug rumors in China, but this post referred to how pjms were the one of the ones who cross-posted the bogus evidences to pann nate and TheQoo, bc Rose is a fellow Tiffany n Co endorser and has possibility to join the MetGala.


*were the ones


yg was talking about weibo not korean forums where jimin stan spread the rumors


Of course they did. Taekookers are just hanging onto every little thing to try and set Jimin up. I’ve literally never seen a more deranged bunch of people.


Are we surprised with this things? Lol. His akgae love to attack v and jk but these days his akgae are obsessed with suga and jhope. But next month his akgae will focus attacking v and jk back lol. This will be worse if jk or v make a solo debut. The way his akgae are calling jk a bang pd fav bcuz of jk recent trip to us is funny af when jimin is doing the same thing a few months ago lol


Nah they’ve been after tae, kook, and jhope for years. It’s only suga they’re going after now bcs of the recent events.
It started out with jhope YEARS ago because he was a better dancer they were after every account and under every post it was nasty and in recent years they are focused on teakook. In the recent months they were back to jhope again in a pathetic attempt to bring him down … they never left any of them in peace they just shift their focus as needed


Ikr. They cant accept if someone praise jhope dance skill. They will bring ‘many idol make jimin as their role model and choose him as the best dancer bla bla’ card to downplay jhope dance skill lol. The same thing happened if someone praised jk and v


Don’t forget when jhope goes to dior pfw….its was hell those breed really insecure asf, attacking & harassing him just bcs he goes too, they just dont eant to see anyone outshine their fav, they will attack everyone its crazy

tsk tsk tsk

Everyday they scream at J-Hope because they always claim Jimin is the best dancer in BTS when all of BTS literally say J-Hope is the best. Clowns.


Army will defend this bcuz they are also jimin akgae lol. Jk and tae solo debut will become more chaos bcuz suga’s solo debut and jhope’s goodbye song already make his akgae salty and pressed when his solo promotion is still the best among bts solo lol

tsk tsk tsk

100% sure they will create rumors after rumors when those two release their songs because people all know Taehyung and Jungkook are the most popular members so they will do everything to sabotage cause they’re afraid of Jimin being overtaken. They are so vile for spreading that rumor about Jungkook’s underhanded advertising by wearing a shirt made by his brother that the FTC in Korea got involved and investigated. But in the end, it’s actually their fav breaking the law by not paying taxes. Ironic.


Just look at the comments here. They’re already defending jimin akgaes’ behavior and blaming other akgaes. Armys and bighit are the same, only seeing jimin

jimin deserves better fans

i used to believe that bts akgaes may differ in numbers but they are still equally vile… but jimin akgaes are really tempting me to put them in number one spot… solo stans is famous in victimizing their fave but i have never seen a bunch of them self-inserting their faves and want to crown him as the “most hated and most unsupported member by the the fandom and hybe”…. it doesnt help that most ot7 accounts are jimin shooters…

also to those people who keep saying this is a smear campaign made by another bunch of deluded shippers, please this is a serious matter and different from your twitter catfight… the exposer has evidences that you can only enter this smear campaign group if you have streaming and fund donation proofs for jimin… adding here that there’s a mention of jimin akgaes that are hybe staffs providing materials for smearing other members reputation… i hope the company move their butts and sued these people


Majority of ot7 think calling out jm akgaes = attacking jm


Because most of them ARE jm akgaes under cover lol


It’s literally the complete opposite but whatever you say, not even a week ago jimin got called a h*rasser and a r*pist because of a hug, and I’m not talking about one post that had 2 likes, yet ot7s were silent. The fandom is ran by trashkookers and the ones who aren’t are afraid of calling them out.
But not even 2 days later one single questionable post about a “smear campaign” that started by his own fans got everyone liking and retweeting and even posted on these useless forums. The f*cking hypocrisy is mind blowing.
Literally what f*cking smear campaign? kths think that their fave dating is a smear campaign. Maybe if he was a little more low-key and used a good security system in his phone that wouldn’t have happened. the true smear campaign is when someone steals your f*cking mail information from your mail box and gets doxxed on the internet for millions to see.


Btch all member got verbal insult from each akgae, but none other stan goes this far to ruined someone career & image with constantly making fake rumor & scandal, paying journalist to make article for it, even bought priv pic from ss to defame someone, it straight up criminal things not kwapop fanwar again, y’all need help

Did you forgot J-pjms and J-jikooker smear campaign towards tae? Not to mention they want to create & build rumor bullying around him & want to pay gossip site & journalist to write article for it, but thank god it got exsposed before they do it, also the scenery incident? Pjms making fake chart and defaming tae and tagging media just bcs tae surprassed jm number streaming that time💀 stop acting blind

jimin deserves better fans

im not a solo stan of any of the boys so my judgment isn’t clouded by being biased… all of you solos and akgaes claimed your faves are being ignored by the fandom, you cant see the bigger picture because both sides has tunnel vision… all of the members are getting hate and i still stand by what i said, most big account shooters are jimin biased, i can see how taekook delusional shippers get lashing from the fandom (well deserved!), but not the jikook side who is equally deranged, i hate both shippers because they only set up the boys from each others’ akgaes…

this “smear campaign group” isnt a smear campaign to jimin, this group has been created since 2017 and one of the members just exposed them, a lot of ot7 kr armys are angry about this too

and you jimin solos 🫵 rather than calling out this kind of behavior, your taking it as a jab to jimin, like????? jimin ≠ his akgaes

Ara Iran

I too as an objective BTS twt and kpop gossip sites wanderer who doesn`t even have twitter account and only search BTS news and hashtags from web version to keep up with general news about the band confirm when you search BTS hashtag in a span of one year most timeline top posts are about jimin and I witnessed all solo debut preorder weeks and saw a drastic difference in twt timeline post about jimin versus other members. They truely had the group comeback energy from 2020 for his album. Not all big pages but most of them. I am not an army i am just music enthusiast I flw news everywhere . I listen to Twice, BTS, Blackpink and older groups like Girls generation, Fx etc ..I kinda neither hate nor like any of them. while solos are wild and immature I too think I have never seen such cult I believe they are being conducted from official old fan cafe members and second or third handedly connected to Bighit. Just my opinion, Company may or may not know they exist.

jimin deserves better fans

so… because I’m criticizing jimin akgaes im suddenly a taekooker? 🧐 never in my wildest dream i get to be called a shipper, damn 😭 anyway you just prove my point, youre only seeing a small part of the picture because youre being bias, just so you know bts antis are diverse, be it “inside” the fandom, or from another fandoms… this issue is about jimin akgaes doing a smear campaign against three of the members, and here you are accusing me a solo stan of those two who are mentioned, guess youre one of his akgaes, yikes 😬

also, free jimin from me???? im sorry but i dont have him in shackles???? more like free him from you losers who want him to be the most hated, most pitiful person, victimizing him as if he’s not a grown man who can make decisions all by himself, free him from insecure losers like you who got satisfaction from dragging his colleagues to filth, as if youre not setting up the boy from more hate??? youre a bunch of self centered antis i swear… you think its just you and jimin against the world when in reality, the kind of fans like you are just poison to his side, free jimin from hateful fans!


Don’t bother with them, I read all the comments here and it’s just mostly solo stans getting mad at other solo stans, smh.

Starry night

They’re the real criminals and I’m sure they will throw a pitty party for victimizing their fave .

spicy spice



comment 5, why do u feel bad for jm? you should feel bad for his stans’ victims


Anyway, Rosé still has more impact with Tiffany than Jimin so I understand the insecurity. He would look like a child standing next to her


Both are still getting paid ure a pathetic loser

Teenaged puppy

Crackśe has impact only in the whore community. Don’t try to elevate her from her street corner to bring down her idol Jimin


it would be a lie if I say I don’t expect this stuffs to happen, honestly kinda predicted this to happen when one of the maknae line debuted tbh, the timeline is just iffy, they could released this last year when jimin’s tax issues were coming to light tbh cause wouldn’t that be a perfect time to do that time instead of now where jm’s achievements kinda good for his first solo debut

and it will be even way worse later when taekook debuts later on seeing how these akgaes move. Rather than people dragging on jm akgaes which I truly welcome it, fuck those people that keeps talking shit about yoongi these past few weeks but all I see is people in this site taking a jab on jm lol. And as a person who loves each one of them, it’s not very pleasant to see.

I’ll be continue streaming and voting while these people continue to fight or something whatever you guys going to do .

Anyway fuck you Pannkpop for not bringing disqus ! Can’t even block these people like I can on Twitter 🚶🏻


A bunch of trash talking in here as if they know BTS and Jimin personally. As army, we know this behind the scenes of “Akgaes” hate on other members. They’re just some haters. REAL HATERS btw. Not akgaes or whatever solos. They posted as if they are akgaes and made many posts to make as if its solo stan ARMY who did it. They would go so far to create many fake accs.

So, TO ALL OF YOU WHO TRASH TALKING BTS AND JIMIN HERE..JUST KEEP BTS OUT OF YOUR DIRTY MOUTH. This is armys versus haters, not your wars. If you think, they’re bothering your favs…just go and report them to your fanbase and company!

Last edited 7 months ago by demy

Why is it that when JM akgaes are called out you make it like it’s against JM. JM akgaes JM. These people are vile and manipulative and they have to be called out otherwise their evilness will spread. I feel sad for JM because he’s got fans like this and I feel sad for all these akgaes victims


Following their ugly fav’s path. Not surprised


Bighit better do something and stop playing favourite. I had enough of them keeping quiet about the smear campaigns against V and JK but was so quick to move for Jimin and even took the blame for it.


How come bighit do something. I doubt their competency while some of their staff are part of this cult


Well they still have shareholders in that company. I hope they speak out on this matter.


Literally when the fvck did bighit EVER DO ANYTHING TO PROTECT JIMIN? he’s been getting harassed for years by taekookers and nothing, his private information gets doxxed and they DID NOTHING. You people took the company fav claims and ran with it when another member now is getting what jimin got and so much more but also backed being backed by the company.


If bighit never do anything to jimin then wtf is tae then? I guess he is not part of bts cause they wouldn’t even bother to move their finger for him 🚶‍♀️

Last edited 7 months ago by maomao69

Porkmin is not the one getting hate campaigns by JK or V stans. He is not the victim you make him to be. Shut up


Jimin really feed his dogs really well. They learn so many bad things from their idol. From being bunch of thugs into criminal. Yes I’d like to say his dogs behave like criminal. Taehyung and jungkook are one of their victims. I really wish the worst for these trash


this makes no sense lmfao anyone could come up with the same argument about the rest of the members. in the end insane people will act insane regardless. plus tae and jk akgaes are insane too lmao none of u are better than the other


His fans is what he attracts, I wonder how he could fool others with this “angel” behaviour, when it is so obvious how he is such jealous person, I remember him gaslighting JK and V after fighting with him, making V feel guilty for just trying to eat before practice after returning from filming his drama all night, and making jk cry just bc they fought, the list goes on and on, plus that daddy of his going around with politics using bts as a leverage


The members have said that Jimin is the most considerate person and you can tell he never thought he was better than any of them, his focus has always been the group. You are the horrible one saying such things abt someone who always puts others first by ignoring even what the members say and jimins actions


That’s called gaslighting, when you are the problem but u make others feel guilty just by fighting with u, bc u are such a nice person and “u love them so much”
Putting others first, when he literally fought with V just for trying to EAT, after staying up working? Be more serious
And those actions that u say I ignore is what actually made me turn my back on him after being a fan, the jealousy and the cunning was so obvious especially in earlier days

Berry Island

What is wrong with this comment section?
The way people think BTS’ akgaes are their fans… Fans would not twist their favs’ words, on purpose hide what they say through hidding it or mistranslation. They would not attack people around their fav by making issues out of nowhere especially the ones who are nice.
They are just antis.
Downvote however you want, antis. In the case of bots like you, numbers means nothing for me


Akgaes aren’t fans, they’re antis.


A whole site ran by kths and taekookers what did I expect.


Saying anything wont make it true dear…


Blaming on other again is pjms speciality i guess, even kpop comunitty on K-side and J-side know how nasty jm akgae is

Teenaged puppy

Jimin deserves better fans than these loveless freaks.


All akgaes are freaks wbk, but I need BH and HYBE to clean house if any of their staff is participating in any of this behavior.

dot com bubble

Geez, they’ve been doing it since 2016? They even got the authorities involved in JK’s case for “backdoor advertising.” I mean all akgaes are disgusting but to do this systemically and effectively for almost a decade against all the members??? That’s just plain evil.

Istg, Jimin’s solo stans in the end are just so plain useless and just bring on hate on him with all their behavior. I hate them ugh!


idk what it is about someone as sweet as jimin that attracts so many insane people.. it’s like they want to be on his side but they’re the complete opposite of him… ironically, the very thing jimin would hate. edit: these comments aren’t slick acting like taekook akgaes are innocent lmao. you all need intensive therapy.

Last edited 7 months ago by kay

yall first, insufferable rats 💜


god, I NEVER thought the day where I say I hope Jimin won’t end up renewing his contract would come, but here we are I guess.

I hope during this break Jimin will learn to put himself and his well being first and do whatever he deems fit cause this charade can’t keep on going. the way taekookers have been harassing him for years, creating countless of fake news with the sole purpose of defaming him is actually insane.

this ‘exposing’ thing started from the exact same gallery that has been extremely vile to Jimin for years, the same gallery that has quite literally doxxed him by leaking his private information, but all of them suddenly turned into ‘jimin akgaes’ overnight and nobody asks any questions because taekookers who run the fandom say so.
the person who came forward with this and is a supposed past akgae saying they unstanned jimin because of that one encore, like?? should’ve found a better excuse than use the exact same sht taekookers and taekook akgaes have been using against Jimin.

I truly hope karma will handle your asses as deserved. each and every single person who partakes in this shit.

lightning mcqueen

akgaes are the most vile pieces of shit who deserve nothing but the worst instances upon them
these members truly love each other but these brain-rotted bastards don’t know how human relationships work and think theyre always in the right when attacking other idols esp their bandmates.

dot com bubble

Wow all comments criticizing Jimin’s akgaes were deleted wow. It’s true what the other user said, there’s a Jimin akgae downvoting all the comments against Jimin SOLO STANS. Wow. I never saw this much engagement on this site but look at the upvotes.

stooop lying

You’ve never seen “this much engagement on this site” yet I swear I’ve seen you in several articles where the comments were attacking Jimin (not his akgaes and solos, as you claim) with 100+ upvotes. Including the last user post regarding this subject. Strange, isn’t it?

dot com bubble

Then you’ve seen me on this site defending Jimin too. I bet it’s you defending his solo stans. You’re disgusting.

stooop lying

Hmm, can’t say I’ve seen you doing much defending when it comes to Jimin, but I did see a certain Jimin hater who frequents those hate articles that does kinda have the same lingo as you. Also, the same “I bet you (…)” comebacks when felt targeted. You do the math 🙂

dot com bubble

Not like I need defending from you but where were you on this website when Jimin was getting hate for his encore or his fall from the #1 on the Hot100? Because me? I’ve been hating on this website but I stay only to defend BTS. Here are proofs 1 and 2, look for my username. There are more posts here about Jimin where I defend him. Now how about you? I never saw your username before even though you claim to love Jimin so badly. Trash and useless solo stan.

Last edited 7 months ago by dot com bubble

Jimin akgaes are the worst’s useless and obsessed ass working overtime to mass downvote my comment just because I called her breed out but yall want me to take you seriously with your ‘concerns about the members’. Fuck yall fr! No wonder PJMs keep quitting the fandom and resort to only supporting Jimin when these disgusting fuckers rule the fandom. Living up to those Larry 2.0 allegations.


Keep showcasing how utterly pathetic you are, ugly ass bitch, cause I promise it won’t stop me from making more comments. The more you downvote, the more comments I’ll make.

Playing the concerned fan in these comments when you’re literally part of the problem you “complain” about. Genuinely can’t wait for karma to take care of yall 🥱


Larry 2.0 in the comments downvoting people who call their breed out. Are you not embarrassed trying to cosplay as a concerned fan when you’re nothing but a Taekooker, Miss Jimin akgaes are the worst?


I’m so serious when I say admit either needs to bring disqus back or just allow us to block users cause this is getting more pathetic than miss Jimin akgaes are the worst


Someone tell that ‘Jimin akgaes are the worst’ trashkooker bitch to stop scrambling on downvoting my comments. The more she downvotes, the more I comment. Cause I’ve had enough of that mentally ill freak.

Last edited 7 months ago by jendeukie

Let’s goo admin. You’ll have a party getting the comments to this post back on since this bitch ass freak wants to play around with the downvotes.

Quick fix: either bring disqus back or allow us to block users 🤷🏿‍♀️

tsk tsk tsk

Once Jk drops jjk1, pajamas will again scramble to make like this gc sabotage him because rn they’re delusional that pigmin is the most #1 populat member 🤢 but after jjk1 they will find out thr truth who is really the most popular in bts. karma will come for those who tried to get the police to investigate backdoor ads, these loser hags coing for JK when heir fav don’t pay tax and a criminal 🤡

taekookers need to die

yet yall trashkookers are the only ones scrambling to tear successful artists down cause if yall weren’t so threatened and insecure, you wouldn’t go around making up lies every single time Jimin has an important event going on 😘

also funny yall bring Jimin’s ‘taxes’ (which “coincidentally” were leaked by the same exact gallery who spread this whole narrative we see in this article) but wanna cry when people bring jk’s fender bender 💀 the hypocrisy is astonishing

Last edited 7 months ago by jendeukie
tsk tsk tsk

calling me a taekooker as if i enjoy that leech that don’t not stop mentionign Jk for clout just like pigmin 🙄 both always clinging to jk like free Jk 🤮 also Jk’s fender bender happesn to anybody with cars but you. know what doesn’t happen to anybody? not paying taxes and rigging the hot100 that billboad really made new rules making it more harder for other artist to chart 🤡


“but you know what doesn’t happen to anybody? not paying taxes” great way of telling us you’re a kid then, because I assure you, not paying your taxes happens more often than not 💀 But of course 10 years old living their mean girl fantasy on the internet wouldn’t know that

also way of blaming an already fucked system on an Asian artist just because you’re a jealous, immature, and insecure little bitch 🥰
cause none of you bring up how jimin is stable in every other market that doesn’t depend on payola. since it doesn’t fit your narratives.

go do your homework instead of crying over successful soloists. or step outside for some fresh air. might oxygenate whatever is left of your brain.

tsk tsk tsk

not paying taxes is normal? whhere do you live lololol. that’s is called tax evasion 🤭 there’s reason why its called a crime and why the government of sokor wrote letters to riggedmin. rigging taxes and rigging hot100, so fun 🤡


OPEEEN THE SCHOOLS, oh my God.. a whole new AND different sentence from what i said.. as expect from yall illiterate leeches. can’t even read and comprehend sentences but have full on arguments about charts, numbers, legacies and what not 💀 we’re in HELL

but then again, what else can we expect from children? no wonder these comment sections look the way they do when they come from a bunch of airheads

yall can die arguing in these comments, won’t change the fact that Jimin is the first kpop soloist to get #1 on Hot100. or the fact that he is one of the most successful soloists in kpop. or the fact that he’s talented as hell.
OR the fact that yall are insecure as hell hence why you always feel the need to downplay him lmao

yall can continue talking your sht on these blogs, it will do exactly what it did until now… NOTHING. adios💀

tsk tsk tsk

talented 🤮 we all saw mnet mcountdown as proof of his “talent” . pigmin really got jk dragged along him through a mud because people think all members can’t sing but in fact only Jk can sing in that group careying them for years 🙄 free Jk I’m begging 🙄


Jungkook will spit at you for talking sh*t about his hyungs. You’re a nobody keyboard warrior, your opinion will not matter in real life. Go on and trashtalk the other members, it will not affect their relationship with each other and will not affect their fame. You are both disgusting.


Anyways. So what this article actually showed us is that trashkookers rule this site and fandom and that a lot of them are so obsessed to the point they have countless account just downvote comments who openly call them out and talk about how disgusting they are, especially when it comes to Jimin.

It also taught us that certain users here are part of the freaks who have multiple accounts to downvote people, looking straight at you Jimin’s akgaes are the worst and co, who cosplay as BTS fans but will gladly throw the members they don’t stan under the bus and trash talk them with their side accounts.

Moral of the story: free Jimin from those psychopaths once and for all. Like I genuinely need yall as far away from that man as possible.
Get mental help as well! Cause this obsession yall got going on with Jimin is actually beyond insane. It’s giving deranged, off the hooks, and all that. Seek help.


Trying to act innocent? I read your comments and they all scream that you’re a Jimin solo stan. You talk big that about defending Jimin but you’re just defending your kind, other solo stans. It’s so obvious the way you threw Jungkook under the bus about that fender bender. You and the rest of the other members’ solo stans are all delusional b*tches. In real life, BTS only thanks ARMYs, not PJMs or KTHs, or JJKs. So your breeds can just stfu.


imagine you are a fan of someone who is ugly and talentless like jimin , you must be insane ..


You’re the only insane one here. How did you post this comment from the asylum?




I honestly feel like these idols will stay never out of controversies because of their popularity and how successful they are rosie and jimin barely care about these baseless rumours so should we.

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