BTS V shocks netizens with his selfies in front of the mirror on Instagram story

BTS V posts his selfie in front of the mirror on Instagram story

1. He must be insane.. What is the length of his legs?

2. Wow his body is so slim and pretty

3. Taehyung, what is this?

4. No, I was shocked, so I threw my phone, but I saved it immediately because I was afraid he would delete it

5. He’s cute, cool, handsome and dashing

6. V has matured a lot, his shoulders have widened and he’s become more handsome

7. He is still a kid in my eyesㅋㅋ


9. Who is he? Where did Taehyung go?

10. Wow, his chest muscles are pretty???? His belly is so cute ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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