Controversy over TREASURE Haruto’s homophobic comment

Controversy over TREASURE Haruto’s homophobic comment

He talked about how a man loving another man is weird, there are 3.5K RT on the tweet

What do you think?

[+317, -214]

1. [+176, -11] Personally, I can totally understand why someone might think that way, but whether you talk about it and show it is another matter

2. [+126, -8] It’s fine that he hates them, but he’s a celebrity, he shouldn’t talk about it publicly… It’s true that he needs to be more careful

3. [+103, -6] What is this..?

“Leaves a note to a pretty fan”… YG TREASURE member Haruto, private account gets leaked”
“YG TREASURE Haruto friends with his sasaengs..”

4. [+39, -2] He said it was weird because they filmed a romantic scene between them;; If you type “It’s okay, that’s friendship” on YouTube, it will appear, so please check it out;

5. [+22, -20] Does YG only have uneducated kids?

6. [+10, -5] He’s not homophobic, he’s just saying normal things

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If he find it weird it’s fine but if he disrespect them that’s not


yall be always saying the freedom to speech i think that’s his freedom to speech too!! he didn’t disrespect anyone or be rude to anyone he just say that it’s weird


His group members sensed something was wrong and tried to make him stop talking.

dot com bubble

If you have nothing good to say, better stfu seriously. Anyone with half a brain would just shut up about their controversial opinion but man, there are certainly people like this guy.

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