Controversy over TREASURE Haruto’s homophobic comment

Controversy over TREASURE Haruto’s homophobic comment

He talked about how a man loving another man is weird, there are 3.5K RT on the tweet

What do you think?

[+317, -214]

1. [+176, -11] Personally, I can totally understand why someone might think that way, but whether you talk about it and show it is another matter

2. [+126, -8] It’s fine that he hates them, but he’s a celebrity, he shouldn’t talk about it publicly… It’s true that he needs to be more careful

3. [+103, -6] What is this..?

“Leaves a note to a pretty fan”… YG TREASURE member Haruto, private account gets leaked”
“YG TREASURE Haruto friends with his sasaengs..”

4. [+39, -2] He said it was weird because they filmed a romantic scene between them;; If you type “It’s okay, that’s friendship” on YouTube, it will appear, so please check it out;

5. [+22, -20] Does YG only have uneducated kids?

6. [+10, -5] He’s not homophobic, he’s just saying normal things

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