“They look like zombies” Idol airport order that looked dangerous today

The airport order of the idol that looked severe today

The member almost fell after being pushed by a fan

They are not NCT but TREASURE

1. There were a lot of comments thinking it was NCT.. Looks like it’s because NCT’s fans are always like that

2. It’s worse than the airport of famous idols, do they have a lot of sasaengs?

3. They look like zombies

4. Is this a famous group? Or are all idols like that? I’m not sarcastic

5. There are so many fans waiting for idols at the airport these days, I hate it so much

6. Maybe the company needs to issue a statement, right? It’s not like all popular groups are like that

7. Hul….. I think of Itaewon….. This is dangerous

8. But why are there more men? Are they journalists?

9. Seriously, I don’t know why they did that. Are they fans?

10. Seriously, I don’t understand why they go to the airport, it’s even annoying the members they like…;;

11. They’re not NCT, so stop swearing at NCT’s fans

12. All famous fandoms are like that

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And what is the surprise when most 4th gen bgs get monkeys like this at the airport


Where was this? That looks so dangerous and annoying

Seungri reformed

Its ratmys, horde of braindead 15yo ugly girls 🙂


please, bring back disqus or whatever it is, at least i can block troll like this.

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