“They look like zombies” Idol airport order that looked dangerous today

The airport order of the idol that looked severe today

The member almost fell after being pushed by a fan

They are not NCT but TREASURE

1. There were a lot of comments thinking it was NCT.. Looks like it’s because NCT’s fans are always like that

2. It’s worse than the airport of famous idols, do they have a lot of sasaengs?

3. They look like zombies

4. Is this a famous group? Or are all idols like that? I’m not sarcastic

5. There are so many fans waiting for idols at the airport these days, I hate it so much

6. Maybe the company needs to issue a statement, right? It’s not like all popular groups are like that

7. Hul….. I think of Itaewon….. This is dangerous

8. But why are there more men? Are they journalists?

9. Seriously, I don’t know why they did that. Are they fans?

10. Seriously, I don’t understand why they go to the airport, it’s even annoying the members they like…;;

11. They’re not NCT, so stop swearing at NCT’s fans

12. All famous fandoms are like that

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