Cosmic Girls, 8 members renew their contracts except Luda, Dawon and 3 Chinese members

[Exclusive] Cosmic Girls, 8 members renew their contracts except Luda, Dawon and 3 Chinese members

Starship has renewed the exclusive contracts of Cosmic Girls members Exy, Seola, Bona, Soobin, Eunseo, Yeoreum, Dayoung, and Yeonjung

1. Luda, Dawon, and WJSN fighting in the future!!!!!!

2. I thought they would focus on IVE, but I’m surprised

3. I’m surprised that Luda isn’t the most popular member

4. Luda???? Isn’t she the most popular member?

5. Bona has the most individual activities so I thought Bona would leave the group, but I was surprised

6. I wish they could continue to work together even if they change agencies

7. Isn’t Luda a popular member? The fans must be sad

8. Bona still wants to be an idol?

9. But I thought Luda would renew her contract, I’m surprised that she left the group

10. Luda?????? Luda????????????????????????

11. I thought Bona would leave the group

12. I’m surprised by Luda

13. I like Dawon’s voice though ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

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why arent they saying the chinese member’s names? seems xenophobic to me


I don’t want to say all Koreans are xenophobic but from what I see most of them are


most are. did u see the comments by knets abt baby monster. they didnt care abt baby monster’s ages at all but their races (majority of the group not being korean


Yeah korea is one of the most racist country ever


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meiqi xuanyi chengxiao are expected

Taehyung love

Racistt Koreans why don’t you tell the names of the Chinese members?
China has one of the largest and riches fans

seungri is free

these three members have been inactive for a long time. don’t give a fuck about their names 🙂
fck this chinese 🙂 most ugly girls after thai

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