Crush is targeting Ryujin?

Crush is targeting Ryujin???

“Happiness is attitude. No matter how you look, friendliness makes you into the most beautiful person in the world”

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1. [+336, -8] She has nothing to say even if he targets her.. Crush and Joy must have been so annoyed

2. [+313, -3] I feel bad for Joy.. Her junior mentioned to her boyfriend that he should pay more taxesㄷㄷ If I were Joy, I would be so annoyed

3. [+290, -9] What kind of idol is crazy enough to talk about another idol sunbae’s relationship,, She was thoughtless and ITZY’s fans were attacking Crush with curses, so I think Crush is targeting Ryujin

4. [+266, -8] If you look at the posts on Twitter, you can see that there are a lot of posts saying that Ryujin did nothing wrong.. This controversy is getting bigger and bigger, shouldn’t Ryujin post an apology?

5. [+206, -3] Crush also uploaded something like this when he received hate after he was discharged from the military. So I think he is targeting Ryujin

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He is sensitive as fuck. Small dick energy


it’s probably not related at all and people are reading into it too much lmao
either way even if you insult him he’s the one with a famous gg member so..


Knet are too sensitive and misunderstanding. Knet cant differentiate words between “reading a comment and explained it to a friend” with “gossiping” . It is totally had different meaning. The word ” rude” is suitable for knet that too gossiping nonsense at innocent people. Because of one fan , a problem become bigger. Please be open minded. Especially for writers with making fuss on article’s title, picking random comments and make everything going wrong.


Its not like no one knows about his dating. Every f media wrote articles about that. Why is knetz so pathetic and brainless ppl? GO and CRY about the fact that Y’all praising a fake korean who is JANG WON YOUNG. ZANG WANG YUNG


why is he so pressed over a joke? and knetz acting like they weren’t making the same joke weeks ago


He probably posts quotes like this all the time but people are just correlating it to Ryujin bcos of the circumstances. If he wanted to throw a dig he would of written some quote about ignorance or privacy or smth like that, a quote about kindness doesn’t make sense in relation to this because no one believes Ryujin is unkind, just that she said more than she should have


Joy needs to appected and crush needs to back off I’m so sick of itzy getting so much hate and for what for dancing talking not speaking? 😂 I’m so done

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