Crush is targeting Ryujin?

Crush is targeting Ryujin???

“Happiness is attitude. No matter how you look, friendliness makes you into the most beautiful person in the world”

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1. [+336, -8] She has nothing to say even if he targets her.. Crush and Joy must have been so annoyed

2. [+313, -3] I feel bad for Joy.. Her junior mentioned to her boyfriend that he should pay more taxesㄷㄷ If I were Joy, I would be so annoyed

3. [+290, -9] What kind of idol is crazy enough to talk about another idol sunbae’s relationship,, She was thoughtless and ITZY’s fans were attacking Crush with curses, so I think Crush is targeting Ryujin

4. [+266, -8] If you look at the posts on Twitter, you can see that there are a lot of posts saying that Ryujin did nothing wrong.. This controversy is getting bigger and bigger, shouldn’t Ryujin post an apology?

5. [+206, -3] Crush also uploaded something like this when he received hate after he was discharged from the military. So I think he is targeting Ryujin

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