Do netizens know about 5 girl groups debuting in 2024?

I’m writing this because I’m curious how many of the 5 girl groups debuting in 2024 do you know?





Candy Shop

How many girl groups do you know?

1. I know all the groups here…

2. ILLIT.. I haven’t listened to their songs yet, I only know the name

3. I only know ILLIT

4. I only heard the names of two teams: ILLIT and Candy Shop

5. ILLIT, UNIS, Candy Shop

6. This is my first time seeing Geenius

7. I knew all the groups’ names except Geenius and the only song I knew was ILLIT’s song

8. I don’t know all of them, but I’ve only heard of the group name ILLIT, I also don’t know the names and faces of the ILLIT members…

9. I only know about ILLIT and Candy Shop

10. I only know ILLIT, but Geenius’s song is so good

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