Does BTS have many male fans??

I’m curious about this because I don’t know it well

1. BTS seems to have a lot of male fans, female fans, kids, adults and elders, you can definitely feel it when you go to their concert

2. They have so many male fans that there are a lot of fans who are the same age as my father

3. It is said that a lot of men go to BTS concerts with their girlfriends and families, so of course the level of popularity is the highest

4. Although the competition is fierce, there are many male fans who go to BTS events.. There are many male fans who go to BTS concerts in Korea and abroad

5. Even when I was watching BTS’ movie, I saw quite a few men going alone

6. Seokjin hyung~~~

7. When I watched the BTS documentary, there were a lot of male fans

8. My company’s male boss is in his 40s and he said that he’s been a fan of BTS for many years. He said that his hobbies are listening to BTS songs and watching reaction videos

9. Looks like they have a lot of male fans among boy groups

10. Because the fandom is so big, the percentage of female fans is overwhelming, but the male fans are also amazing

11. Every time I go to BTS concert, there are male fans around me

12. At the event to meet V this time? Most of the winners are male fans

13. Since there are a lot of fans, there will probably be a lot of men, if you go to the concert, there will be quite a few male fans

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