Doesn’t NewJeans Hanni look like an all-rounder??

Her voice is so good and she dances so well.. For real, she seems like someone who was born to be an idol

1. Once you become a fan of Hanni, you can’t leave…

2. She sings well, dances well, her facial expressions are good, she’s good at playing musical instruments ㅜㅜ

3. She’s not good at composing music, right?

-> Since when did the standard for all-round idols include composing music…?

4. Hanni is even too young

5. Her stage itself is good too.. She dances well, but she doesn’t overdo it with her facial expressions

6. And I’m sure she can speak two languages ​​~ ~ There’s nothing our Hanni can’t do

7. She stands out on stage

8. No, but she’s even so cute… How can you not love her?

9. Her expressions on stage are really good.. She’s amazing

10. She’s an all-rounder

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So cool

Her future seems so bright because she is talented. If she releases a successful OST, she can go solo in the next 2 or 3 years.


she can play some instruments , I think with time she’ll be able to compose her own songs, right now she’s involved in writing the lyrics, her vocal color is quite nice too

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