Female idol who started the ending fairy on music shows that is recognized by most idol fans

Jung Chaeyeon

1. I admit it, but now I want to go back to the group ending

2. Lately I really like the ending of SNSD. Because only certain members get to air, it seems the rest of the members feel left out

3. I agree

4. When Jung Chaeyeon’s ending became a hot topic, the number of the ending fairy gradually started to increase in music shows, and that year, Irene exploded with Russian Roulette and it became a national rule

5. I think of her and Kim Doyeon too

6. Produce ruined everything, I hate the ending fairy

7. Jung Chaeyeon.. She’s amazing

8. I thought of her too.. But now I want to see the group ending..!!!!

9. Anyway, when it comes to the ending fairy, Jung Chaeyeon is the original

10. It’s true that the ending fairy existed after Produce, and it started with Jung Chaeyeon

11. I came here thinking about Jung Chaeyeon

12. I also voted for Jung Chaeyeon after watching this

13. What is she doing these days?

14. This gif is legendary

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