GD’s dog controversy clarification post + Mentally ill people who keep manipulating

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GD’s antis gathered in their chatroom and started to get a hold of the recommendation section. Please see below.
I always thought it was weird. Honestly, compared to the other idols, GD posts on Pann aren’t that many. However, whenever a post about GD comes about, there are kids who get seizures.
I can see it today.

1. Yesterday the anti-GD post only had 7,000 views but one comment had more than 90 likes.

2. Today, they wrote 5 comments at once and flipped the recommendation section in 20 minutes.
They are just manipulating the recommendations with multiple accounts. This is seriously ugly.
They always stalk everything about GD and claim that GD fans manipulate it? They always do it. They sacrifice their whole life to manipulate things about GD.

Explaining the dog controversy*
Today there was a talk about GD and as always, antis flocked in. What’s pathetic is that, they use ‘G-Dragon’ term to not get caught in searches because BIGBANG fans always search them with ‘BIGBANG’ and ‘GD’ terms. ‘G-Dragon’ term is used very rarely.

But the rumors getting more and more widespread.

I always ignored it but I wrote it down carefully now because I thought I shouldn’t ignore these rumors anymore because there is a possibility of comeback.

I think others have already been fully explained for several years, so I write about the dog controversy, which is the least explained.

Firstly, GD’s dog Gaho is a Shar-Pei breed.
The biggest rumor is that, GD raised Gaho when he was young but when the dog grew older, he abandoned Gaho.
This is not true!!!!!!
GD’s family consists of 4 people. His parents, his elder sister and himself. It’s true that Gaho became famous as ‘GD’s dog’ but Gaho was raised by his family.
In fact, if you look at the story written in the pamphlet of the Gaho at the dog school, you can see that GD’s parents took care of the dog when he was busy with overseas activities.
(Roughly GD has been abroad for a long time. He came to Korea, but he was enraged that his parents sent Gaho to dog school, so he came to pick Gaho up)

(The text above tells about GD’s love for Gaho, that her mom takes care of Gaho, and that Gaho enrolled in a dog school when GD was in Japan).

In the first place, the busy son who is going to take the dog that the family raised in? This claim is also funny. Did you know about GD’s schedule then?

It’s much longer than this, but there are only 12 images, so I can only upload this.

Besides this, PeaceMinusOne Launching + Solo Album + Solo Tour + BIGBANG World Tour. He didn’t have time to just stay in Korea, but it’s too far-fetched that GD should take Gaho.

Should he have left the dog home alone?

They said they brought Gaho to here (Dolce Vita, GD’s parents’ pension) because the apartment was too stuffy for the dog.

They are swearing at GD here again:
>>Since his parents’ house is in Seoul, they left only staff at the pension and left Gaho at the pension.
!!!Not really!!!
Just look at the reviews of the pension.

(The highlighted parts indicate that GD’s father was in the pension and that he was so cool).

You can know that GD’s father and mother is always at the pension.


In fact, their workplace is there, and they live there, so Gaho wasn’t neglected, he was home.

They also keep claiming this:
>> He didn’t search for Jolie (GD’s other dog) even though she was lost.

At that time, GD was in the army. And unlike how it is nowadays in the military, at that time soldiers (including GD) couldn’t use phones at all.
Phone use was possible after mid-2020 (GD was discharged at the end of 2019).
Jolie’s Disappearance: Early 2019

The fence gate was left open, and it was said that she ran away and no one saw her.

The kids are not tired of this and they keep doing manipulations.

It’s disgusting that they insist on it without knowing if GD found it or not.


And seeing that Jolie left when the fence gate was open, it means they’re not always locked up.

It is true that she was lost then, but it was not a situation where GD could solve anything there. What was GD’s fault in here?

But Dispatch cleverly spread a rumor that fans didn’t even know and wrote that he went to the golf course, so he was criticized. But he actually went to his parents’ pension.

They didn’t even publish a correction article after spreading rumors so confidently. They are still making a fuss about the military like an anti.

In fact, GD often visits the pension.

He went to his parents’ pension in February of this year as well.


>>>It’s claimed that they didn’t take care of him, so, his claws grew long.

The picture was actually released by the pension.


Because his nerves are long, people say that he’s neglected. But if you look at the Shar-pei breed, most of them have claws like that.

Of course, you can argue about it. But Gaho was 11 years old at the time, so he’s quite an old dog then.

And the Shar-pei has an average lifespan of 8 to 12 years, which is the shortest among medium-sized dogs. It is an old dog that is about 80 years old in human age, but even if you take good care of it, the nerves may be longer than younger dogs.


And Gaho is now 14 years old. Even though he has already exceeded the average life expectancy, he is still living very well.

And as you can see from the picture, the pension is very large and full of grass, so I think the claws are less sharper compared to the dogs walking an asphalt.

Also, since Gaho is an old dog, the owner knows whether he likes to take walks or not, but it’s not something that third parties can guess.

And isn’t it time for you to stop insisting that they are abusing him since he’s a Shar-pei and still alive and living well although he’s 14 years old?


Since GD’s parents are over 70 years old, they may lack careful management compared to younger people.


Of course, there are elderly people who are meticulous, but very rare.

+++++And the way antis manipulate the recommendation section in 20 minutes is legendary.

They posted comments and upvoted their own comments for 20 minutes and made them the best comments.


post interaction:+350, -132

1.[+198, -32] It was frustrating. Thank you so muchㅜㅜ Jiyong-i goes there often, but why are there the other claim other things? I even saw them insisting that he should have brought Gaho with him. Do you think GD is free because he doesn’t appear on TV? He even has a private room there.

2.[+187, -27] Gaho’s already living well beyond his average life span. I can’t believe they are making up rumors like a rich person’s dog is living a poor life and is abusedㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ They want to hate him so much that they use their imagination to write a novel about GD’s parents living in Seoul and leaving the dog alone in the pensionㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋThere’s soft, natural grass around, so it’s normal that his claws are long.

3.[+175, -23] By the way, the vet said that there was no problem with it

(The vet said, “Looking at Gaho, he is healthy. His soles are not red or swollen. He can walk properly without limping.”)

4.[+154, -7] I can’t upload more pictures so post it here. Looking at the pictures that Japanese fans posted on Instagram 3 months before the article appeared, you can see that they were well managed.

5.[+147, -1] Dogs prefer stepping on the grass outside rather than indoors, but when GD isn’t home, Gaho doesn’t go out often, so he won’t be able to walk much. He actually looks good recently and is living a long life.