Hani is dating psychiatrist Yang Jae Woong

Hani ♥ Yang Jae Woong, in a pink relationship for 2 years… “They’re in a good relationship”

Hani (30 years old) is dating Yang Jae Woong (39 years old), a psychiatrist

Sublime Artist Agency, Hani’s agency, said, “Hani has been maintaining a good relationship with Yang Jae Woong.”

1. Wow but 2 years??

2. Daebak! I’m so shocked!

3. He looks old, but there’s no big age difference

4. No, he’s much younger than I thought…

5. It’s Wikitree, but didn’t the company confirm it??

6. Hani is older than I thought???

7. Well, the age difference is big

8. What, he’s 39 years old. He looks older

9. It’s an unexpected relationship

10. I think Hani is interested in psychology

11. It’s an unexpected combination, but they look so good togetherㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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I think perhaps Hani’s type is older men lol


Isn’t him one of the guest panel in Heart Signal Season 1?
I like him the most because he always sounds calm, collected and is the only few with Kim Eana to make educated guesses of couple pairing based on behavioural and psychological change. Instead of pure gut feeling or self projection like the other panels


I know him from Heart Signal and his youtube channel 양브로의 정신세계.

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