Hani is dating psychiatrist Yang Jae Woong

Hani ♥ Yang Jae Woong, in a pink relationship for 2 years… “They’re in a good relationship”

Hani (30 years old) is dating Yang Jae Woong (39 years old), a psychiatrist

Sublime Artist Agency, Hani’s agency, said, “Hani has been maintaining a good relationship with Yang Jae Woong.”

1. Wow but 2 years??

2. Daebak! I’m so shocked!

3. He looks old, but there’s no big age difference

4. No, he’s much younger than I thought…

5. It’s Wikitree, but didn’t the company confirm it??

6. Hani is older than I thought???

7. Well, the age difference is big

8. What, he’s 39 years old. He looks older

9. It’s an unexpected relationship

10. I think Hani is interested in psychology

11. It’s an unexpected combination, but they look so good togetherㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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