Heo Se Ryeon explains ILLIT’s stage outfits “In the fashion world, they call it ILLIT-core”

Heo Se Ryeon: (Describing ILLIT’s stage outfits) “In the fashion world, they call it ILLIT-core”

1. Seriously, who calls it ILLIT-core? The reason ILLIT’s outfits are so famous is because they are bad

2. Is this all you’ve been thinking about for over a week?

3. Do you think I would believe you if you said anything?

4. For real, this is my first time hearing this

5. Who is Heo Se Ryeon? Is this ILLIT’s stylist??

6. But it reminds me of the dolls I used to play with as a child. Their hair is messy and their clothes are cheap

7. Seriously, this is my first time hearing this.. I watch a lot of YouTube videos related to fashion, but I haven’t seen anyone say this

8. Min Heejin-core >>>>> ILLIT-core

9. Is this a rumor that only spreads within the company?

10. I don’t know that, but I know Heejin-core. Blue striped t-shirt and blue hat

11. Fashion world: Where? Who?

12. I didn’t even know there was a group called ILLIT until this controversy

13. Famous for being famous! It seems like they are trying to push ILLIT with the same strategy as they did with BTS

14. Now I feel sorry for the ILLIT kids

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