Hul JYP was almost taken over, but Park Jin Young used all his assets to stop it

Loen was the 2nd biggest shareholder in JYP, after Loen was sold to the Hong Kong-based private equity fund, they wanted to grow as an entertainment company, opposed JYP’s listing on the stock market and proposed a take over

After going through it several times, JYP finally succeeded in listing through backdoor listing

In 2014, Loen sold all their shares in JYP, JYP was on the verge of bankruptcy

Park Jin Young sold the JYP building that belonged personally to him. And with that he bought the JYP stocks

Oh my God…

1. Loen made a fuss about taking over JYP, but Park Jin Young saved JYP by selling the JYP building that belonged personally to him

2. Hul Loen is also a subsidiary of Kakao, right?

3. That’s right, on the day GOT7 debuted, the company almost went bankrupt

4. It was a really big crisis for JYP

5. Park Jin Young even sold the JYP building…

6. Why does Kakao keep acquiring other entertainment companies?

7. He’s so serious about JYP, he’s amazing

8. Seriously, JYP almost collapsed, but Park Jin Young built columns, GOT7 built walls, and TWICE roofed house to protect JYP..

9. Park Jin Young is so cool

10. Then he bought the JYP stocks

11. At that time, Suzy was shooting commercials like crazy, 2PM were on tour in Japan for 2 years straight

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