HYBE clarifies the company’s future plans for BTS

HYBE, “This is only the start with BTS… We will be with them until the end”

HYBE shared the company’s future plans, “BTS’ journey is only at the beginning. It’s hard to gauge how far they will go, and we will be with them until the end”

1. I think now is the time for BTS to say goodbye to HYBE

2. If they have any conscience, they shouldn’t even think about going to the end

3. If you don’t give executive positions to BTS members, please say goodbye

4. It’s a crazy company… They don’t do whatever the fans want, and they just make crazy games that the fans don’t want to play..

5. I miss BTS and Big Hit during the HYYH era so much…

6. I hope BTS doesn’t renew their contracts

7. They don’t seem to understand what the fans want

8. It’s not that they will be with BTS until the end, they are saying that they will do game and webtoon business using BTS forever

9. I will support any member of BTS even if they leave HYBE. Honestly, BTS has been more loyal to HYBE than anyone during their 10 years at the company

10. Members, please trust the fans and leave HYBE

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